Jürgen Klopp vows that his Liverpool team will be "angry" to beat West Ham United

Jürgen Klopp vows that his Liverpool team will be "angry" to beat West Ham United

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp says that the Reds will be "angry" to claim the full three points against West Ham United, when Slaven Bilic's Hammers come to Anfield in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon.

Charlie Malam

Jürgen Klopp says his Liverpool side will be "angry" to get the full three points when they face West Ham United at Anfield in the Premier League on Sunday afternoon.

The Reds lost just their second game of 18 in all competitions across the season when they fell 4-3 away at Bournemouth last weekend, twice letting slip of two-goal leads on the South Coast.

The German, despite insisting in the aftermath of their defeat that he was not angry with his players, believes they need to muster a determined and aggressive response when they host the Hammers.

Klopp: Our decision-making and tempo was unlike us

The manager told his pre-match press conference that he has "no concern" over a potential repeat of last week's collapse, admitting: "When you win a game like this, like Norwich City or Borussia Dortmund, it's not sure that you are prepared for the next situation."

He added: "You only think what is for sure, is that you win these games but not always, and sometimes you lose them. That was the situation in the Bournemouth game."

But Klopp felt that "more importantly" is how his team "played around" as he reflected on his immediate post-match thoughts that Liverpool "played good enough to win the game until it slipped through our fingers."

He blamed "wrong judgement", doing "the wrong things" and "getting passive" - which the Reds boss believes is "not really usual" from his team - for their disappointing reverse.

Klopp stated that his team, "around the goals" and in particular "the second goal" did not protect themselves sufficiently enough - saying that they "played one bad pass close to their box and they score a goal" which makes "not a lot of sense."

He cited that Liverpool have been in such a situation "already 500 times" and done "better" with it in this case, insisting that although Bournemouth "used the situation", the visitors "could've defended easily."

'We'll make sure we're angry again'

Klopp accepted that the result is Liverpool's "fault" and their responsibility, but suggested that it is "always good" to accept such responsibility because "then you can change it."

He added that it is "very important" that Liverpool "go on playing like we played" but with "better defending in the specific situations" - citing that he has "a clear rule" which is for his players to be "an [attacking] option or [defensive] protection."

But Klopp is wary of being too restrictive with his team, saying that if "the only thing about protection is that we cannot be an option anymore" and that "this is the kind of risk you have to take" although he knows they "can defend them better."

"If it was not Divock [Origi]'s pass, if it was not the first challenge, we could have done four or five challenges where we could've done better," Klopp continued. "That's all. Nothing else happened. That's sport. You have to congratulate and say to Bournemouth, 'well done'. That was really important. That's what I love in sport."

He said that he must "go back", "work again on the right things" and ensure "everything will be good" for the future, adding: "If there's any influence on the next game? No idea. What we will be more than maybe we were before Bournemouth, we'll be angry again. Angry about ourselves. That's important. But West Ham will be a really tough challenge and it will be an interesting game."

Klopp: We will be 100 per-cent 'angry' and committed

Expanding on his point, Klopp explained that there aren't "a lot of things that can make the difference" at the "highest level" of football - suggesting that while "sometimes it's the quality", a lot of the time it is "the attitude" and only "a few details" that make the difference. 

He insisted that being aggressive means being prepared "to hurt yourself" and "not the other player", adding: "That's the kind of angry we need. To be angry doesn't mean they [West Ham] are responsible for what happened in the last few weeks. But they want the points at Anfield and that makes me angry already when I speak about it. That's all."

He added that across "the highest level" of all sports, it is rare that the winner is "not this kind of angry" - citing the example of "maybe Usain Bolt" who can do without.

"But most of all the other sportsmen in life have to fight until the end," Klopp vowed, saying that is what Liverpool "have to do each week" and that is "what we will be, 100 per-cent."

We will face 'the best' West Ham, says Liverpool boss

The Reds boss also admits he is wary of facing a West Ham team keen to put their poor start to the season past them, with the Londoners sat in 17th with only three wins, and eight losses, from their 14 games so far this season.

Klopp suggested that "nobody would have expected" to see Slaven Bilic's men so low, adding that he saw their "last three games" in "much more detail" and remarked that they are struggling with injuries.

"They all come back when they play against us," joked the manager, who called it "no problem" because they "want to beat the best West Ham" - which he is confident they will come up against.

He believes that their returning players will mean they face the "best" visiting team possible, adding that it will "be interesting" and Liverpool will "need everyone in the stadium."

Klopp continued: "It's West Ham. They want to come back on track. They need results, but we need results too and it's at home, so we have to show the difference."