Roberto Firmino reveals desire to stay at Liverpool for "many years"

Roberto Firmino reveals desire to stay at Liverpool for "many years"

The Brazilian attacker has revealed his desire to stay at Anfield for "many years."

Dan Robinson

Roberto Firmino has revealed that he plans to stay at Liverpool for "many years" and explained how he's adapted his style of play to the English game. 

Firmino recently landed himself in hot water after being caught drink driving on Christmas Eve. The 25-year-old will appear in court on January 31, the same day his side face Chelsea in a huge clash at the top of the league. 

But the forward has become one of Liverpool's most important figures this season, having already racked up seven goals after bagging 11 in the whole of last season - all of which came after Jürgen Klopp's appointment as manager. 

“I am giving my best to the team like all the other players and everyone is happy with the work they are doing," Firmino told the club's matchday programme. 

He insisted that the mood in the camp is "reflected in the football we are producing" and by "the fact that everyone is enjoying themselves."

Firmino continued: "I love playing here and hopefully it is something I can continue to do for many years.”


Adapted to the Premier League

The Brazilian noted the speed of the Premier League and said that his previous experience in the Bundesliga helped him to acclimatise to European football. 

Firmino spent five seasons at Hoffenheim after leaving his homeland aged just 19, before joining Liverpool in a £29 million deal in the summer of 2015. 

He explained that you “really do notice" that the pace in the Premier League "is very high here" but said that it is a "type of football" he enjoys.

“First of all because I was adapted to the European style of football due to playing in Germany with Hoffenheim for three years," Firmino said. 

He added that he "had to make another adjustment" once he moved to England because the football is "much, much faster" than anywhere else he has played.

Thanks to his family

Firmino also paid tribute to his family and pointed to their support as a catalyst to his success. His rise to the top has been a long one, having first been used as a defensive midfielder when he was a young player in Brazil. 

“I would say that I owe most to my cousin and my uncle and I have to thank them in particular,” he said. "They were the ones who started taking me to football matches when I very young."

The Reds' No.11 said that he even "started sleeping with a football" at the age of six and "began playing for the smaller teams" when he was seven.

Firmino also added: “My persistence and my willingness to become someone in life also drove me on because I am the kind of person who persists a lot with what I want to achieve.”