"Those who doubted me will never forget me," insists Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has dismissed all of the ex-players who have doubted him during his playing career and declared that they will never forget him when he is finished playing football.

The Manchester United striker was heavily questioned about whether he could produce the goods in the Premier League but he has shown he can by scoring 13 goals in 19 league appearances.

Zlatan insists noone will ever forget him when he finishes playing football

Therefore, Ibrahimovic believes the criticism that he receives gives him more energy to prove everyone wrong and he feels that when he does finally stop playing, people will always remember him.

Speaking in an interview to Sky Sports, Ibrahimovic said that he has "no problem with the criticism" he receives as he has been used to it his "whole career" but he went on to say that is is "something that triggers me, gives me energy" to go out on the field and prove everyone wrong.

Ibrahimovic added that people say things like "you are dead, you are this" but the main thing is that he doesn't remember these ex players "when they were playing" themselves but he is sure that when he finishes they will "remember me for the rest of their lives".

The veteran striker went on to say that "after many years of talk" saying things like "he can never make it in the Premier League" he has now taken the chance to do what was "most difficult" for him as he wanted to show he could do it in every league in the world.

Zlatan reveals he wanted to challenge himself at United

After leaving Paris-Saint Germain in the summer, their was many rumours of him having offers to go to America or China but Ibrahimovic insisted that he wanted to join United as he wanted to do things the hard way.

Ibrahimovic said "let's say a person in my position what would be the easiest way" which would be to "go abroad and make money in China" but for him it was not what he wanted to do as he "took the challenge, accepted the challenge" of trying to help United to try and win trophies again sooner rather than later.