Saints have the correct attitude to get back to winning ways, says Romeu

Saints have the correct attitude to get back to winning ways, says Romeu

Southampton need to get back to winning ways if they are to avoid a relegation battle.

Jess Cowie

Saints' defensive midfielder Oriol Romeu says that his team have the proper attitude to make a comeback from their winter Premier League form.

The 25-year-old insists that Southampton’s fourth consecutive league defeat at Burnley is hard to take, as the visiting team had control and performed well, but once again failed to convert it to a win.

Right attitude

The former Barcelona player thinks that Claude Puel’s team must channel their winning ways just like they showed in their 1-0 in over Liverpool last week in the first leg of League Cup semi-final.

While speaking to the Daily Echo Romeu said: “We have the right attitude,” before adding, “We are doing well coming from a massive game last Wednesday (Liverpool). It was good to keep going in that line [of performance].

The top priority is to continue with the “same mentality” like they did against Liverpool, as Saints slip from the top half of the League table into the bottom half. However, Romeu is adamant that Saints are not about to fight for survival in the bottom of the table clash.

“We’d like not to battle or to struggle or fight for those things [at the bottom],” he said. “We have a good enough squad to compete for higher places in the table."

They can do better

Saints have struggled to find the net in their past five Premier League away games and Romeu think they “can do better.”

“If they score once, you have to score twice, and that’s what we have to do now – score more goals,” he added.

With the chances Saints had, they have to convert them to wins, or at the very least come away with a draw, so they are not in a position to fight for their survival.

“They didn’t have many chances that I remember. I don’t remember Fraser (Forster) having to save us today.”

He concluded: “Looking at the chances, we played good and we need to be a team that puts its chances away, not one that doesn’t.”