Paul Clement claims Swansea City need a leader

Paul Clement has admitted that his Swansea City side needs a John Terry or Sergio Ramos style player but insists it is more about having a leader and a character in the squad rather than a solid defender.

The club is working hard behind the scenes to find a new defender during the January transfer market after conceding more goals than any other team in the league and after spending £12 million on three players already, it is clear the club are willing to spend money to make the necessary changes. 

Search for a leader

Whilst Clement will no doubt be looking for a top quality player, the new boss has ensured fans he is looking for "someone who has the presence and leadership qualities" to lead the club forward, from both a "psychological point of view" and an "organisational point of view," although he doesn't feel that it must be a defender as these characteristics are something he feels are important in "any number of positions."

Despite the fact that he would ideally want "11 leaders" on the pitch, Clement believes that it is becoming "increasingly rare" to have "those figures" in the game. Players such as "John Terry, Sergio Ramos and Zlatan Ibrahimovic" are players that "stick out" to Clement who he has seen lead a squad during his coaching career but he knows they are "not easy" to find.

Clement is still looking to add to his squad

He wants a type of player who has "confidence and ability" to not only do their "own job" but to also "help others around them" which is exactly what the club needs during this difficult period, a player who could potentially stand out on the pitch and lead by example, as well as being able to lead them behind the scenes, at training or in the changing rooms. Whether or not Swansea are able to secure a player that fits Clement's criteria before the transfer window shuts remains to be seen, but it is very clear that the Swansea boss wants to see some fight from his squad, starting immediately.