Frank Lampard reflects on Chelsea's rivalry with Liverpool

Frank Lampard reflects on Chelsea's rivalry with Liverpool

The Chelsea legend has countless memories against the Reds.

Matthew Wilkinson

The rivalry between Chelsea and Liverpool became one of the biggest in the world during the 00's and Frank Lampard played a crucial part in many of those classic encounters. He came up with goals and performances that would help shape Chelsea's seasons and aid their dominance in games against the Reds

Now, with the next chapter in this modern rivalry about to be set with the upcoming Premier League fixture, Lampard reflected on what he believes became the "number one rivalry" in England during his time with the Blues

Looking back 

Most fans would claim the rivalry started during the 2004/05 Carling Cup final where Chelsea picked up the trophy as Jose Mourinho famously shushed the opposing fans, and the tensions only intensified the following year when a certain 'ghost goal' created mass controversy in the footballing world.

From then on it seemed like Chelsea faced Liverpool more times than anyone else, and the Reds were, in fact, the team Lampard played against more than any other (39) during his spell with the Blues, and those are games that he "always remembers". 

Chelsea's all-time leading goalscorer admitted that there would be a sense of "anxiety" of "not wanting to lose" games against Liverpool because it "meant so much" to both him, the club, and the fans. The midfielder believes that Chelsea "got the better of it" when he looks back at the clashes between the teams but did admit Liverpool "got a few over us in the Champions League". 

Even though Lampard feels there is a "rivalry" between the two clubs, he doesn't think it is because they "didn't like each other". In fact, he felt it was the opposite and that the two clubs "respected each other" and that made the games must win for each side, creating a new, modern rivalry that is about to undergo its latest twist.