Klopp throws gauntlet down to Wijnaldum to get more goals

Klopp throws gauntlet down to Wijnaldum to get more goals

The Liverpool boss has challenged the Dutchman to add to his tally of three goals so far this season for the Reds

Ninad Barbadikar

Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool's season has hit a real low and the Reds are desperately searching for some momentum before their top four aspirations start to fade away as well.

The Reds did really well to keep Chelsea on their heels during the first half of the season, comfortably beating teams and giving their top rivals tough matches. One player, who stepped up for the team during that first half of the season was Georginio Wijnaldum.

The Dutchman has  scored vital goals against Chelsea, Manchester City and Watford  for his side, but Klopp has challenged the No.5 to score more goals for the rest of the season.

Wijnaldum instructed to attack more

Wijnaldum hasn't had many goals since coming to Anfield, but the Dutchman has scored two very important goals, one against City and the other, a crucial equaliser against Chelsea.

The goal against City was a hugely significant one as it gave the Reds all three points on the day and Klopp revealed after the game against Chelsea that he instructed Wijnaldum to get forward more.

Speaking before the unfortunate 2-0 loss against Hull, Klopp said that he believes that the Dutch midfield engine has the ability to score more goals for the team.

He acknowledged Wijnaldum's goals and said,"OK, now he’s scored against City and Chelsea - and Watford, that’s long ago!".

He recollected another instance where Wijnaldum had chances to score and said,"In another game he had a big chance in the box and we said he should improve his finishing." Nevertheless, Klopp insisted that Gini is a "good player" and that's why he's at the club.

"He made two headers and the third one against Watford and he had one or two [other] chances. " , he added.

Gini is young enough to improve a lot

Liverpool had to dig out the points against the league leaders Chelsea in the 1-1 draw in a match that was a well contested one, the Redsgoal coming courtesy of a fine header by Wijnaldum as he took advantage of the excellent cross put into the box.

Klopp spoke about the Dutchman's performance in the game and said,"he needs to be sometimes [in the box] but especially in this game, there was no time in the box so it makes no sense to be in this position. "

The German tactician believes that Wijnaldum needs to be in and around "interesting situations" where the play is advantageous to him and where he can be "involved", because of the "fluid" manner in which the Reds carry out their game-plan.

He spoke about the service being provided by the likes of Roberto Firmino and said,"“We have Roberto Firmino, who is on the wing and makes the cross or whatever, but then nobody is in the box – that makes no sense". He added that he feels that Wijnaldum should be more "involved" in situations like that.

Klopp also admitted that Wijnaldum can "improve" in not only this attacking aspect but also his overall game because he is "young enough" to "improve a lot".