Wenger to decide his Arsenal future at the end of the season

Wenger to decide his Arsenal future at the end of the season

Arsene Wenger will reportedly decide his future at Arsenal in May.

Rosie Tudball

Arsenal seem to be stuck in a cycle, a ten-year long cycle, however change could be coming as news emerged yesterday that Arsene Wenger will discuss his future at the club at the end of the season.

Wenger under pressure

Following Arsenal’s demoralising 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich last night, it was reported that Wenger revealed his undecided plans for the future.

The Frenchman’s offered two-year contract extension remains on the table in North London as rumours of his potential departure have circulated in recent weeks.

Arsenal have once again suffered a painful run of form in the winter months. It seems to be a recurring series of events at the club, performing at an encouragingly high level in October, only to crumble in the turn of the year.

Stress under the spotlight

This season however has for some reason been different. Things feel undeniably in the mix at Arsenal, as the uncertainty of who will be at the club next season is heightening.

The questions surrounding Wenger’s position at the helm were brought to the attention of the media when club legend Ian Wright revealed his concerns over the Arsenal managers state, claiming he seemed rather tired – a trait not commonly associated with the stubborn figure of Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal’s league form has been particularly worrying in recent times, suffering two consecutive losses in a week, which theoretically took them away from the hope of a first league title in 13 years.

The club is in Wenger's hands

It is easy to point at the manager when a team is failing to perform, when it comes to it, the players on the pitch are the ones that determine the score. However, with such a predictable outcome over a period of around ten years that has seen many squads come and go, is Wenger ultimately to blame for Arsenal’s downfall in recent times?

The situation remains in Wenger’s hands, with the opportunity to extend on his 21 years as Arsenal manager or to hang up his long coat and pass the reins to someone else.