Paul Scholes hopes to see Paul Pogba score more goals

Paul Scholes hopes to see Paul Pogba score more goals

The Englishman, who had a goalscoring knack for Manchester United, hopes to see the Frenchman score more and pull out different celebrations out of his bag.

Noel John Alberto

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes talked to the German publication Kicker about Paul Pogba. The former midfielder for the Red Devils insists that the Frenchman will be “outstanding” but wants to see him score more goals. Currently, Pogba has scored seven goals this season with four of them coming in the Premier League.

Scholes impressed with Pogba’s passing

The Englishman made note of the Frenchman’s passing abilities. He said he enjoys how Pogba pulls the strings in game, especially with the long and accurate passes. He also enjoys the fact that Pogba can keep calm and control the game.

Throughout his years at Juventus, Pogba was known for his excellent passing. In his four years starting with the Calcio A leaders, he tallied 21 assists in four seasons. His best marks came during the 2013-14 season and the 2015-16 season, notching 7 and 12 assists respectively.

Scholes enjoys Pogba’s influence

There’s no doubt that the world’s most expensive transfer plays a massive role in the influence of this Manchester United side, and Scholes sees that. He says that Pogba has a massive influence whether it be as a number six, a defensive midfielder, or on the attack. The 23-year-old has played his best football from either the center mid or defensive midfield roles, notching six goals and four assists in 35 appearances from those positions.

Scholes not worried about Pogba’s social media presence

As it is known, Pogba has a massive following on social media. He is often seen dancing around or even rapping with his teammates, but Scholes believes it is not a problem. The Englishman says that despite his social media presence, it is not distracting to Pogba and that he is a very focused professional. He finished off by saying that he hopes Pogba can change the fact that he has not used his many different goal celebrations.