Michael Carrick concedes that Man Utd lack "that something"

Michael Carrick concedes that Man Utd lack "that something"

The 35-year-old midfielder also admitted that he and his teammates would rather win five and lose five than draw ten.

Harry Robinson

Manchester United aren't content with being unbeaten simply via draws, admitted midfielder Michael Carrick.

The 35-year-old spoke positively about his side's chances of both UEFA Europa League glory and a top-four finish, declaring that United "will improve."

Carrick celebrates his testimonial in June after over a decade at United but he's putting everything into the back end of the season as United fight on two fronts. They would, of course, prefer to be fighting for the Premier League title and the Champions League, but United are building back up from a low ebb in their recent history.

"Draws are killing" Man Utd admits Carrick

He has often appeared to understand the connection between players and fans and the feeling of the United supporters better than others. 

"We have been playing so well for so long," a frustrated Carrick said. "The draws are killing us."

"You are better off losing one and winning one than doing what we have been doing having drawn so many," Carrick conceded.

His manager José Mourinho has previously said that while he'd rather five wins and five defeats than 10 draws, he sees positives in the consistency and strength of character from a number of draws.

"We believe we will get better. We will improve. There are a lot of good signs," Carrick said. 

The Englishman said it's difficult to accept the results because United aren't struggling "football-wise" and aren't "miles away" and there is no obvious, easily fixable flaw in the side. Many, though, would claim that simply improving United's finishing would see the Reds rocket up the league. Zlatan Ibrahimović has missed more chances than any other player in the side this season.

United have "a bit of steel", says Carrick

"But going on a run like we have done shows we have a bit of steel and have a bit of character about us," Carrick said.

"There are positives but at the moment it is not quite enough for us. We need that something to finish teams off. We have got to be ruthless and have to finish games off. We have to find a way. It is close, we are getting better but we still have to find that way."

"It is disappointing if you are not creating but we are looking dangerous and I am sure it will come. As a team and a squad, we are growing. We will develop that. I don't think we are far away."

United conceded a late goal in Belgium on Thursday after an excellent overall performance against Anderlecht. A win or a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford in the second leg will secure a place in the UEFA Europa League semi-final, meaning Mourinho's men will be three games from winning the tournament and qualifying for the Champions League.

Top four not over, insists Carrick

Carrick insists top four is not an impossible task, though. "Forget about next season - we have enough to play for this season," the 35-year-old said. "We are not looking any further ahead than that.

"The Premier League top four is still an opportunity. People are saying that the Europa League is the best chance for us but you cannot look at it like that. Football is football and a lot can happen. There is no way we can give up on the top four.

"It is still close. Yes, we have a tough run in but it is still close."

United face title-favourites Chelsea on Sunday (4PM kick-off) where a win would be a massive momentum boost in that chase for some form of league success. On late performances, though, United are most certainly underdogs.