"Fans deserve more" suggests Marco Silva as Hull bow out of the Premier League with 7-1 drubbing
Silva cut a disgruntled figure after the game (photo: Vavel/Chris Lincoln)

Hull City manager Marco Silva kept fans guessing over where his future lies but reiterated his disappointed for those supporters after a dreadful end to the season.

Silva praises fans after another "disappointing" performance

A 7-1 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur followed a 4-0 loss to Crystal Palace and Silva admitted "we didn't put on the right attitude. The only positive for me was the support and they deserved something different. They were amazing over the last four months and they deserved something more".

Expanding on his affection for the Tigers' faithful, Silva added "I have big respect for the support of the club and myself. But I need to analyse the future and decide the best way forward for myself and the club. If I only look for the connection between me and the fans it is impossible to say no to staying but this is not the only important thing".

On his side's performance against Spurs, Silva explained "we didn't play this afternoon. We only played the first 15 minutes of the second half. I am disappointed and upset because it is our face on the pitch. It is not like we don't work during the week or prepare for the match but we made a lot of mistakes".

Pochettino already looking to next season with new targets for the club and Kane

In contrast, Mauricio Pochettino explained that Spurs "finished in the way we wanted to finish", though there were still mixed emotions on the 7-1 drubbing.

He added "we are very happy for Harry [Kane] but disappointed for Hugo [Lloris] because he needed another clean sheet to share golden glove with Thibaut Courtois".

Expanding on the heroics of his start striker as Kane secured a second consecutive Golden Boot, Pochettino stated "Harry is one of the best strikers in the world. Next season the challenge is for him to score 30. He is still improving and his will to learn is the most important thing in a player".

Dissecting the season, Pochettino explained "overall the season was good. In another season 86 points would be enough to win Premier League".

He believes that an "improved mental side of the game" has helped Spurs to "set our level a bit higher. After two consistent seasons, why not next season fight again to win the league. We have a good platform for us to learn and improve and try to win our fans a trophy".