UEFA Women's Champions League Final – Olympique Lyonnais (7) 0-0 (6) Paris Saint Germain: Lyon complete the treble!
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Olympique Lyonnais 7 (0) - 6 (0) - Paris Saint-Germain

The goalkeepers face each other and it's Sarah Bouhaddi who wins the UEFA Women's Champions League trophy for Olympique Lyonnais once again!

OL 7 - 6 PSG: Bouhaddi scores!

OL 6 - 6 PSG: Kiedrzynek misses!

OL 6 - 6 PSG: Abily scores!

OL 5 - 6 PSG: Lawrence scores!

OL 5 - 5 PSG: Marozsán scores!

OL 4 - 5 PSG: Boquete scores!

OL 4 - 4 PSG: Kumagai scores!

OL 3 - 4 PSG: Formiga scores!

OL 3 - 3 PSG: Mbock scores!

OL 2 - 3 PSG: Delie scores!

OL 2 - 2 PSG: Renard scores!

OL 1 - 2 PSG: Bouhaddi saves from Geyoro!

OL 1 - 2 PSG: Kiedrzynek saves it from Le Sommer!

OL 1 - 2 PSG: Delannoy scores!

OL 1 - 1 PSG: Majri scores!

OL 0 - 1 PSG: Cristiane scores!

This will be the second consecutive penalty shoot-out in the UEFA Women's Champions League and the second consecutive penalty shoot-out that these two teams have featured in in the space of the week. It's now down to which team can hold their nerve the best.

End of 120 minutes: And that was the last action of the game as we head towards penalties.

120' ...and it leads to nothing as Majri goes from goal and sends her shot wide of the goal.

120' Delannoy fouls Le Sommer not far away from her own area and this could be it for OL...

117' Unless someone produces a minor miracle here, this game looks to be heading to penalties.

115' YELLOW CARD: Morroni takes down Bremer and earns herself a yellow card.

109' Kumagai gets forward and fins Le Sommer in the box but PSG converge quickly to the ball and prevent the striker from getting a strike away.

107' SUBSTITUTION: OL make their final change as Claire Lavogez comes in for Thomis.

106' Another half to go and both teams are still dead-locked.

Half-time in extra time: No goals in this one yet and we're 15 minutes away from a penalty shoot-out.

105' Boquete sends in a free-kick that Delannoy gets to but her effort is weak and Bouhaddi collects it well.

103' Marozsán almost produces a magical moment as she brings the ball down in the box under pressure, turns and sends a curling effort just over the cross bar.

101' Thomis wins her team the free-kick after evading a late challenge from Irene Paredes that the referee brings play back for.

99' Marozsán goes for goal from the free-kick awarded to OL but again, it does not cause Kiedrzynek any problems and the goalkeeper catches the ball well.

98' Thomis appeals for a penalty after going down from a challenge from Morroni but the referee waves her up to her feet.

96' Majri find herself in space at the top of the box again but her effort doesn't trouble the goalkeeper.

91' Extra time is now underway. Whether we will see a goal before penalties remains to be seen.

End of 90 minutes: We will have extra time in this one as neither team has managed to find the winner.

90+3' SUBSTITUTION: Perle Morroni comes in for Périsset

90' Mbock finds Marozsán on the run into the box and the German tries to finish from a tight angle but sends it wide.

84' Kiedrzynek punch isn't a very good one and she's fortunate that no OL player can capitalise on her mistake.

81' YELLOW CARD: Georges' first bit of action is to commit the foul and pick up a card.

80' SUBSTITUTION: Laure Georges comes in for Cruz.

79' Le Sommer and then Bremeer almost get onto the end of a cross from Mbock but it's just out of reach for both players.

74' Bouhaddi skews her clearance and gives PSG another corner kick.

72' Another OL corner is poor and does not cause the PSG backline any problems.

66' YELLOW CARD: Saki Kumagai picks up the second card of the game.

63' CHANCE! How has Delie not scored here? Cruz plays her in with a lovely ball and she sends her shot wide after being one-on-one with Bouhaddi.

62' Marozsán goes for goal but it goes straight to the goalkeeper.

60' SUBSTITUTION: Pauline Bremer comes in for Hegerberg.

59' Marozsán sends a great long ball through Thomis and the winger plays a ball across that doesn't find a teammate.

57' SUBSTITUTION: Diallo's day is done and Verónica Boquete comes in for the defender.

55' YELLOW CARD: Aminata Diallo gets the first card of the game.

54' Le Sommer gets to the byline and whips a ball in that PSG clear on the second attempt. OL have started this half much better than the first.

52' CHANCE! Ada Hegerberg should have put OL ahead! Marozsán sends in the free-kick which finds Hegerberg through on goal at the far post. The Norwegian gets her foot on the ball but then proceeds to knock it over from close range.

49' A little scuffle happens in the box between Le Sommer and Delannoy but nothing else happens and the players separate.

46' The second half is underway!

Half-time: Neither team have broken the deadlock but Paris Saint-Germain have come the closest to doing so. Olympique Lyonnais' attack has been stiffled and losing Morgan so early on did not help matters.

45+1' CHANCE! Ashley Lawrence gets down well on the left hand side and her cut back finds Cristiane who skies her one-time effort.

42' Apart from Cruz, not many goal-mouth opportunities have happened in this game.

38' Périsset finds Formiga's head from a set piece but it's easy for Bouhaddi to collect.

33' CHANCE! PSG break with Shirley Cruz and she gets into the box, cuts inside and fires at a good height for Bouhaddi to parry the ball away. Cruz should've scored there. The resulting corner is cleared away by OL.

31' Majri gets forward again and gets her shot away but Kiedrzynek handles it well.

27' Delie tries to get past Wendie Renard but the veteran defender makes a fantastic tackle to half Delie's run. The ball comes back to Delie but she whiffs at her long-range effort and it goes harmlessly wide.

23' Another OL free-kick leads to nothing for the team in white.

Morgan had been coming back from an injury and clearly has not recovered completely from it.

23' SUBSTITUTION: Morgan's night is done as she is subbed out for Elodie Thomis.

20' Cristiane takes on Kadeisha Buchanan and fires straight into Bouhaddi's hands from a long way out.

15' Griedge Mbock skips past her marker and floats in a cross that goes straight into the hands of Kiedrzynek.

11' OL mount another attack and the PSG defenders scramble to get the cross away without any consequences. Eventually a foul is called as Eugénie Le Sommer fouls Katarzyna Kiedrzynek.

10' Dzsenifer Marozsán displays some quick feet and finds Majri at the byline. The left back wins a corner for OL. PSG deal with their first set piece of the day well as well.

8' The free-kick is taken quickly and Eve Périsset wins the corner. OL

7' Formiga wins a free-kick for PSG in midfield.

6' Now Olympique Lyonnais get forward with Alex Morgan and she finds Amel Majri just outside the box but her effort goes well wide.

5' Paris Saint-Germain send in a free-kick into the box but if falls safely into the hands of Bouhaddi after Sabrina Delannoy had headed it back into action.

2' Sarah Bouhaddi has to come off her line quickly to stop Marie-Laure Delie from getting onto the through pass.

1' And we're off!

Paris Saint-Germain (4-5-1): Kiedrzynek; Périsset, Paredes, Delannoy, Lawrence; Geyoro, Formiga, Diallo, Cruz, Cristiane; Delie.

Olympique Lyonnais (4-2-3-1): Bouhaddi; Mbock, Renard, Buchanan, Majri; Kumaga, Abily; Morgan, Marozsán, Le Sommer; Hegerberg.

Starting line ups have come in for the premier occasion in women's club football.

Hello everyone and welcome to the much-anticipated UEFA Women's Champions League final! This live update for VAVEL UK will be done by me, Kudzi Musarurwa, and I will be helping you stay updated on this classic between Olympique Lyonnais and Paris Saint-Germain.

Olympique Lyonnais 2 - 1 Paris Saint-Germain

Prediction: Paris Saint-Germain will be motivated to win this one considering all that is at stake. They will also know that it will be the last game ever in a football jersey for Sabrina Delannoy who officially announced her retirement not too long ago. With all of this in mind, I just cannot see past Olympique Lyonnais here. They have the talent and the experience to make it three-out-of-three against PSG and even though most people feel that the more you play a team in short period of time, the less likely you are to win every time, OL have enough about them to complete the treble this season.

Managing the two sides will be Gerard Prêcheur in his final game in charge of OL and Patrice Lair for PSG.

Projected Lineup for Paris Saint-Germain (3-5-2): Kiedrzynek; Paredes, Delannoy, Georges; Périsset, Cruz, Boquete, Formiga, Lawrence; Cristiane, Delie.

Projected Lineup for Olympique Lyonnais (3-5-2): Bouhaddi; Buchanan, Renard, Mbock; Houara, Abily, Kumagai, Marozsán, Majri; Le Sommer, Hegerberg.

The match will be played at Cardiff Stadium in Cardiff, Wales on June 1st, 2017. The game will broadcast on UEFA.com, UEFA.tv, Eurosport, Youtube and beIN Sports at 7:45PM GMT.

For PSG, it's all about winning the midfield battle. If they cannot do this, or avoid having the ball in midfield altogether and try to catch OL on the break, they will lose this game. They have quality within their own ranks with the likes of Laura Georges, Cristiane and Shirley Cruz but player for player, they cannot match OL. If they get their tactics as horribly wrong as they did in the league match against OL, they could be facing another dismantling at the hands of the team that they just cannot seem to beat at any turn. Their fans will be hoping that 'third's time the charm' and on this occasion, PSG will be the victors.

Marie Laure-Delie has been impressive for PSG this season | Source: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images Europe
Marie-Laure Delie has been impressive for PSG this season | Source: Aurelien Meunier/Getty Images Europe

Paris Saint-Germain have had a season to forget for the most part. They not only lost to OL as previously mention in the league and the cup, but they also failed ot qualify for next year's Champions League by virtue of finishing outside of the top two places in the league. In short, if there is any hope of salvaging this season for Patrice Lair and his team, they have to win tomorrow or they could see some major changes on and off the field this summer. At the heart of PSG's positives have been the performances of Marie-Laure Delie. She may behind Le Sommer in the pecking order for the national team but Delie has had a resurgence this season and leads her team in goals scored. PSG will need her to be at her sharpest against OL if they are to have any hope of ending their season on a high note.

If there is a weakness in OL, and it's one that rarely shows itself, it's at the back. Although Wendie Renard and Sarah Bouhaddi are some of the best in the business, they can only do so much to prevent their opponents from capitalising on the spaces that those around them are probe to leave when OL get forward. Renard is surrounded by two younger defenders in Kadeisha Buchanan and Griedge Mbock who will have to stand firm and not let their inexperience show tomorrow. Bouhaddi herself has caused more than her fair share of self-inflicted wounds for OL through her propensity of coming out far away from her goal and penalty area. It does not happen as much as it used to and Bouhaddi has learned to time her runs off her line much better but against a team like PSG, who have seen her antics for many years, she cannot afford to be careless.

OL's strikers are a threat to any defense | Source: Christopher Lee/Getty Images Europe
OL's strikers are a threat to any defense | Source: Christopher Lee/Getty Images Europe

OL have probably the most enviable roster in all of women's football and Gerard Prêcheur has used his team to great effect all season long. At the top of that roster is a formidable attacking line up. Ada Hegerberg, Alex Morgan and Eugénie Le Sommer are the best front three that any team in the world has available to them and when fully fit, will cause any team problems all game long. Morgan is racing against the clock to be fit enough to feature in the final but Hegerberg and Le Sommer are more than capable of winning games themselves. Behind this fiercesome front line is a very capable midfield led by French veteran Camille Abily. She, along with Dzsenifer Marozsán and Saki Kumagai have given the likes of Le Sommer the platform to thrive all season long and have kept providing the killer passes that their forwards have profited from.

The two teams have had almost a month to prepare for this game in that time, have played each other twice already. Olympique Lyonnais were the victors on both occasions as they first defeated Paris Saint-Germain in the Division 1 Féminine by a 3-0 scoreline and then went on to beat their rivals once again, albeit through a penalty shoot-out, to lift the Coupe de France Féminine a week ago. It remains to be seen what lessons PSG have taken from those defeats to find a way past OL and lift their first ever Champions League trophy but if there was ever a time to 'get one over' their fiercest rivals, Thursday night would be the perfect opportunity.