Belgium squad announced UEFA Women's Euro 2017

Following off from Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Iceland, who’ve all announced their EURO 2017 squads this week, Belgium have confirmed the 23 who’ll travel to the Netherlands to represent their country in his first UEFA Women's Euro.

Tine Schryvers is one of the absences on the list.

One of the main absences in the squad was striker Tine Schryves, currently a player at the Swedish club Kristianstads, blamed her right foot. It is not the same foot that she had been operating for, and she spent almost her football career a few years ago and immediately felt it was serious. That happened before she went to the Cyprus Cup with the Red Flames. The doctors had assured the player that it was just an inflammation that would take off soon, but during training in Cyprus there was another person's feet and decided to operate quickly. Consequently, the player will be out of the tournament, recovering in order to return soon to her club and her team.

However, despite losing a player who could contribute to the squad, Belgium reaches its first Euro with a young and extremely capable team. Current 22nd placed in the FIFA ranking and with players playing in major centres of women's football and in a balanced group (in which the Red Flames will face the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway), Belgium could be one of the surprises of the tournament.

The full squad

With a total of seven players, including the recent Bristol City WFC transfer, the striker Yana Daniels, Anderlecht were the most athletes for the Belgian team. Of the athletes called, eight of them play outside of Belgium.


Justien Odeuers (Jena), Nicky Evrard (Gent), Diede Lemey (Anderlecht)


Aline Zeler (Standard Liège), Heleen Jaques (Anderlecht), Maud Coutereels (Lille OSC), Lorca Van De Putte (Kristianstads DFF), Nicky Van Den Abbeele (Anderlecht), Laura Deloose (Anderlecht), Imke Courtois ), Laura de Neve (Anderlecht)


Julie Biesmans (Standard Liège), Lenie Onzia (Twente), Elien Van Wynendaele (Gent), Kassandra Missipo (Gent)


Janice Cayman (Montpellier HSC), Tessa Wullaert (Wolfsburg), Davina Philtjens (Ajax), Tine De Caigny (Anderlecht), Yana Daniels (Bristol City WFC), Elke Van Gorp (Gent), Jana Coryn (Lille OSC), Davinia Vanmechelen (Standard Liège).