Division 1 Feminine: FCF Juvisy out, Paris FC in
Source: fcfjuvisy.fr

FCF Juvisy officially announced today that their team has been sold to Paris Football Club and the two teams will now be known as Paris FC. In what had been a relatively quiet summer for Juvisy on both the men's and women's sides, this news comes as a small surprise due to the quick nature of the decision to sell and the approval by the General Assembly at Juvisy to merge and become Paris FC before the next season starts in France.

A sense of becoming less relevant propelled the club to join forces with Paris FC

The two teams on their own were beginning to fade from the higher echelons of the league and decided that the best way to combat this was to merge and try to become a formidable team that can compete with the best, especially in the UEFA Women's Champions League. After a vote by the General Assembly on June 22nd, and approval by the French Football Federation (FFF), FCF Juvisy and Paris FC merged to become one team.

In order to keep the merger as simple and as seamless as possible, the Juvisy Essonne brand will remain in and around the team's communications but the new official kits will feature some blue to represent Paris FC. The home base will still be Essonne and the club's home games will still be held at the Robert Bobin Stadium but some matches will be played at the Charléty to include the Paris FC section that is now a part of Juvisy.

The official website of the new club will be on Paris FC and the process should take place during the next few weeks. In terms of the club structure, Pierre Ferracci will remain the President of Paris FC, Pierre Dréossi stays on as the General Manager, while the former FCF Juvisy Féminines President Marie-Christine Terroni, will be President of Paris FC Féminines.

A new era awaits French football with this merger | Source: au-premier-poteau.fr
A new era awaits French football with this merger | Source: au-premier-poteau.fr

A storied club goes and a new one comes in to create it's own history

Juvisy was initially created in 1971 and joined the first division in 1987. Before joining the first division, FCF Juvisy Féminines split from the men's team in 1985 and became their own entity which, for most of their history, worked out very well. The club won six Division 1 Féminine titles, with most of them being in the 1990s, and one Coupe de France Féminine in 2005. Since then, the club has been overtaken financially and in the league by other teams such as Olympique LyonnaisParis Saint-Germain and Montpellier HSC to name a few.

After a disappointing 2016/2017 season that saw one of the standout teams in the D1 finish in fifth, it seemed that change was inevitable at the club and the board decided to sell the club in order to compete with the richer clubs not just in France but in Europe overall. With such a rich history before them and a talented team currently still in its ranks with players like captain Gaëtane Thiney, the newly formed Paris FC can draw from that experience and become one of the top teams in Europe once again.