Jürgen Klopp: Liverpool can win the Premier League but saying it doesn't mean we will

Jürgen Klopp believes Liverpool fans can dare to dream of a Premier League ​title for the upcoming 2017/18 campaign, but doesn't want his players to get ahead of themselves and have to deal with such expectations.

Securing a top-four finish last season, the club have made definitive strides under Klopp's tutelage. The next step will now be to fight for some silverware and sustain their challenge, having run out of steam after such a promising start last time round.

Klopp believes Liverpool can challenge for the title this season

The German refused to rule out a title charge this season, with his side looking to fight on four fronts having returned to the ​Champions League.

​"Can we win the title? I think the rules are that all teams are allowed to win the Premier League," ​said Klopp in a press-conference at Hong Kong.

​"So obviously it then seems to be possible. What gives me that confidence? The rules! It's possible but that's it."

​"The beauty of the Premier League is that no-one knows what will happen until the end of the season so it's possible for all of us. It's a nice idea," ​the manager continued.

Weight of expectation could be detrimental, argues Klopp

Naturally, with any positive start to a season, expectations and hopes begin to grow. That brings an awful lot of weight and pressure onto the players, often translating into poorer performances. Such was the case last season for The Reds, who were the closest challengers to Chelsea early on.

Therefore, it's of little surprise Klopp is so reserved to discuss what his side are capable of ahead of a new campaign.

​"But saying it today and carrying it in our backpacks doesn't help that nice idea to come true."

​"I'm really positive about next season. At the moment we just have to work, not dream. If some people want to dream then I don't want to stop this."

​"But it's a long way to go. When Leicester became Champions, if you had asked them that question at this time of year I'm not sure they would have said: "Yes, I think we'll be champions next season," ​Klopp concluded.