Hugo Lloris admits frustration at Spurs' lack of European progression

Hugo Lloris has conceded his disappointment at Tottenham Hotspur's lack of progress in Europe in recent years, pinning the failing on a lack of experience.

Since joining Spurs in 2012, Lloris has only been as far as the Europa League quarter-finals, with Spurs not able to make it out of the Champions League group stages last season under the Frenchman's captaincy.

Last season was a failure in Europe

Crashing out after a disappointing campaign where the likes of AS Monaco and Bayer Leverkusen had the better of them, the disappointment was somewhat overcome for many by Spurs' league progression under Mauricio Pochettino, as they finished second.

However, the poor performances haven't gone under the radar for Lloris, who explained "It's been five seasons now that I'm with Spurs and I've got a little bit frustrated about Europe."

There are good signs for Tottenham fans, even with a lack of transfers, with Lloris saying "We've got the talent to go further than we've done. Even in the Champions League - the highest level possible - we have the potential to reach another level."

"Hopefully this season we can prove our real value against the best teams in Europe and go as far as possible, even if the first target is to get out of the group stage."

Lack of experience to blame?

They certainly do have a chance to improve this season, with Pochettino's squad having had another year of top level football under their belts, and six more Champions League appearances on their CV.

Lloris eluded to that inexperience when asked to explain the London club's disappointment's on the European stage, stating; "We know the talent and the potential but it's step by step. You cannot arrive one day and get to the highest level. You need to go through different experiences. I believe a lot in this team and the club."