Huddersfield Town first team coach refuses to set targets for first Premier League season

Huddersfield Town first team coach, Andrew Hughes, refuses to set any targets in public for the team for the 2017/2018 Premier League season.

Speaking to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, the former Reading midfielder said "Lots of things lead to success" 

Huddersfield are seen as underdogs in the battle to stay in the Premier League, and many have tipped them to get relegated.

What did Hughes have to say?

Hughes said:​"We want to better ourselves every day and the manager wants the players to improve every day.

"Obviously everyone outside of Huddersfield sees success as staying in the Premier League - and yeah, that is successful.

"But we want to play well," the coach stated, "play hard, be good to watch, be tough to beat, but also be exciting.

"We've got to take the examples of Bournemouths, Burnleys, clubs that have sustained four or five years in the Premier League - like a Crystal Palace.

Hughes admitted that that survival in the top flight would be how most people would measure success, the 39-year-old believes that the team mantra of "no limits" should apply to the squad as a whole.

Players will be set individiual targets, however, and at the end of the season Huddersfield will confirm if the targets were met. The first team coach also stated that he doesn't see survival as the success marker, that if the team go out and play their best, are entertaining to watch and do the best for the town and the fans buy into this, then success will have been achieved.

Time will tell what the media think to this outlook, but fans clearly trust the team and coaches. Will Huddersfield stay up in the first season? Based on Hughes remarks, it wouldn't constitute failure if they were to be relegated.