Dean Hoyle reveals he was almost not a Huddersfield fan as Terriers make dream league start

Ahead of Huddersfield Town's first home match in the Premier League against Newcastle United, chairman Dean Hoyle revealed how things could have been so much different.

One decision made in the mid 70's, to go left or right, and Hoyle may have been the owner of a different club in West Yorkshire.

As a boy growing up in West Yorkshire, Hoyle lived between two local teams, to the South West was Huddersfield with the Terriers, to the North East was Leeds with the Peacocks. Obviously not being able to drive as a child, Hoyle had to get a bus into either place, one bus would go left to Huddersfield, the other right towards Leeds.

A friend of the now chairman pursuaded him to get onto the bus that went left, to Huddersfield passing by what was then the ICI Chemical works to the Leeds Road stadium, which was the old Town ground.

“On the terrace, lots of grown men,” he said. “The smell of football, it was incredible.”

“[My] first taste of football, really traditional, honest, hard-working club and, yeah, it's close to my heart.”

​Hoyle became chairman of the Terriers eight years ago, having been hooked on the game and the team as a boy.

​Gone right?

​Suppose Hoyle had got the other bus, the one that went right to Leeds.

The first football experienced by the Terriers chairman would have been at Elland Road, seeing a team playing in white instead of blue and white stripes.

Taking the Peacocks to his heart instead of the Terriers, things could have been looking good for Leeds United instead of Huddersfield Town. There is of course, no way to know if Leeds could have emulated the success in the last couple of seasons enjoyed by Huddersfield, or even if Hoyle would have bought and become chairman of the club to the right, could Wagner have now been in charge of Leeds United and not Huddersfield Town?