Rekeil Pyke returns to Huddersfield Town from Port Vale

Rekeil Pyke returns to Huddersfield Town from Port Vale

Pyke has injured his hamstring, so has returned to his parent club for rehabilitation, will be out for weeks .

Glenys Furness

Huddersfield Town forward Rekeil Pyke has returned to the John Smith Stadium. Currently on loan to Port Vale for the season, the 20-year-old has made eight appearances but will rehabilitate back in West Yorkshire.

As the Terriers are his parent club, and feel equipped to help in any way possible, the forward has returned to Huddersfield to recover from the injury - much the same as when Kasey Palmer injured his hamstring and returned to his parent club, Chelsea. This is so parent club can then monitor and ensure as much as possible the recovery goes to plan, and the player is soon back on loan or back in their own team.

Pyke out for several weeks.

Vale manager Neil Aspin was asked about the Town forward at a supporters meeting and had the following to say. "The situation is that he has gone back to Huddersfield because he is injured with his hamstring and they want to do his rehab. He played for about 60 minutes in the game at Rotherham and then he said he felt his hamstring slightly after that."

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As the situation currently stands, Pyke will be out for at least a couple more weeks to rehab and recover from the hamstring injury, he will then return to Port Vale and see if he can make it back into the team. Aspin went on to add "He has gone back to Huddersfield about a week or ten days ago and is possibly going to be another two to three weeks before he is even considered to play in a reserve game.”

Huddersfield have the option to recall the forward in the January transfer window, as with all the players out on loan. Depending on how the recovery goes and Pyke could find his future out of his own hands. Vale may not require his services and the Terriers may not be able to give the forward the chance he is craving for first team action.