Christopher Schindler: My good individual performances don't matter if the team loses

Christopher Schindler: My good individual performances don't matter if the team loses

The Terriers center-back is not interested in performing well individually if the club is not able to win.

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Huddersfield Town defender Christopher Schindler isn't concerned about his own good individual performances if the Terriers are not successful.

The centre-back spoke to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner and was not interested in any praise he may receive unless the Terriers can continue to collect points in the Premier League.

Plaudits are "useless", says Schindler

When asked about the attention his own play has been receiving this season, last year's playoff final hero said "I don't really care to be fair" and while he admits "It's always nice for every human being to get praise", he also pointed out that "in football - it's one day like this and another day it's negative."

Schindler generally tries to"keep this pushed away from me - especially before games - and just focus on my performance, focus that my body is ready for the challenge and that's what I do."

His aim is to"try to give my best for the team and if we win that's even better. It's useless for me if I make a good performance and we lose."

In his mind, team success comes before any individual accolades: "As well today [Saturday], I can't remember a mistake I made and I made some good clearances but if you lose 3-0 nobody is interested. I think the best is if you have a clean sheet and a good result and a good performance, then everyone sees you."

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Schindler praises Zanka

One teammate who has caught the German's eye is Mathias Zanka, with Schindler saying "I had a good feeling with him straight away" and was impressed because"It's tough to go to a foreign country and have a different style of playing football and it's not easy at the beginning."

"He [Schindler] was really confident that he would play an important role within our squad with his experience and that's what he does."

He added,"I'm not really surprised about his performances and, similar to me, that's what your job is - it's what you get paid for and it's what we try to do the best."