Huddersfield Town look to extend Canalside Complex

With the Terriers currently sitting in the top half of the Premier League and the current training facilities "unique" amongst the top flight, Huddersfield want to extend their training ground

Huddersfield Town look to extend Canalside Complex
PIC: Getty Images

Huddersfield Town are looking to extend their training ground facilities at Canalside and have applied for planning permission to extend the current complex with a revamped area for players, club officials, new changing rooms and even an outdoor terrace.

The Premier League club lodged the planning permission request with Kirklees Council last week but the request only affects the part of Canalside that is not open to the general public - that area will not change along with the café bar and gym.

Temporary buildings to be removed

The planning request states "This application seeks approval for alterations and extensions to an existing storage building to form changing facilities, a gym and mezzanine office space.” The complex is used by the Terriers for training and is off Leeds Road in Huddersfield and is open between 7am and 10pm while also available for weddings and other events in addition to being used by members of the public and the team, which is unique amongst Premier League teams as most have closed grounds for training.

The groundsman store would become a smaller store and a new entrance to the club gym and offices would be built within while changing rooms, laundry facilities and physio rooms would all be relocated. There are currently five temporary buildings on the site but if the permission goes through these shall be removed to make room for the extension plans, and see five new car parking spots created.

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Decision at end of month

On the first floor, in addition to the new terrace, there would be offices and meeting rooms so that Town can have their meetings away from the public eye in specially created facilities. Obviously, anyone coming and going is likely to be spotted by members of Canalside anyway so it is unlikely that anything secret will be conducted there - as an example new signings would easily be spotted by anyone using the facilities at the same time.

The planning application is open for comments from interested parties until 28th November 2017, after which time when it has been considered by Kirklees Council, Huddersfield Town should know if their plans to extend their training grounds will be approved.