Huddersfield fans live and breathe football says Town defender Mathias Jørgensen

Huddersfield fans live and breathe football says Town defender Mathias Jørgensen

Huddersfield Town centre-back Jørgensen has spoken about life in Yorkshire and how much different it is from Copenhagen, his previous club.

Glenys Furness

Huddersfield Town centre-back Mathias Jørgensen says the partisan attitude of the crowd is the major difference between England and Denmark.

Jørgensen spoke about his life so far in Yorkshire and the Premier League having joined from FC Copenhagen in a deal reported to be worth around £3.5 million.

Since first playing for the Terriers in August, Jørgensen has impressed in the English top-flight having started all 12 of the club's Premier League games.

The centre-back was asked about the differences between Huddersfield and Copenhagen and replied: "It is of course different. In relation to England, football is a very small thing in Denmark. In a town like Huddersfield, everybody lives and breathes football - especially on Saturdays." 

The Dane noted that the passion of the Huddersfield fans was something of a surprise and the football culture in England is certainly a change to what Jørgensen had experienced before. 

"It's very different from what I've been used to in Copenhagen," he said. "There are not as high expectations [on the pitch], and that's one of the things that's new to me."

Jørgensen - also known as Zanka - added: "The other two clubs I've been to have been top clubs where there has been a demand for all matches to be won. Now I have come to a club where there is hope and everybody works hard for it."



Lesser expectations in West Yorkshire

There are no major expectations at Huddersfield, in their first season in the top-flight since 1971-72, but their attitude and spirit have been as obvious as they were in the Championship last season when they were promoted via the play-offs.

Although staying in the top flight will be the ultimate goal, the season in the Premier League is clearly something the club simply want to enjoy.

"There is a reasonable attitude to what it means to be up there in the Premier League and at the same time be the team that has the lowest budget in the Premier League," Jørgensen said.

The defender also pointed out the difference between Town and another of his previous clubs, PSV Eindhoven

The fact that he is now older and wiser has helped him to settle in and Jørgensen also that he was actually sought out by David Wagner.

The Dane revealed: "This time I've been headhunted by a coach who was very excited about me as a person and as a player. He has had a high belief that I have been able to continue my skills directly into the Premier League."