Borussia Dortmund eyeing up Huddersfield boss David Wagner

The German manager has enjoyed a good start to life in the Premier League, and now a return to the Westfalenstadion could be on the cards.

Borussia Dortmund eyeing up Huddersfield boss David Wagner
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Huddersfield Town head coach David Wagner is reportedly on the radar of Borussia Dortmund. The Bundesliga boss Peter Bosz has struggled with the German side since his arrival in June 2017.

Having received a depleted squad from the previous season and tasked with bringing younger players onto the first team roster, Bosz has seen the German side slide down the Bundesliga despite a positive, if difficult, start.

BVB has also been eliminated from the Champions League, which has not gone down well with the fans of the club. Dortmund have in fact lost their last five matches, and have another tough call over the weekend against Schalke.

Due to the hard start to the season, it is no surprise that BVB are already looking for replacements in case the club sack Bosz.

Wagner History

The Huddersfield boss has a history with Borussia Dortmund, having been the assistant coach and the academy coach before leaving for Yorkshire.

The money constraints at the Terriers has proved no issue so far for Wagner, who transformed the Championship club into a Premier League club. The ambition of Huddersfield Town is to make a success of the top flight and remain in the league. 

With his intuitive methods for team bonding, Wagner took the whole team away pre-season 2016-2017 without any mod cons including the on-loan players.

This was such a success as each and every team member had the same intention and spirit when returning, this helped the Terriers get into the Premier League. What became known as "The Terrier Spirit" was clear to see, and even now the whole team are signing from the same hymn sheet.

Wagner a popular figure in Huddersfield

The attention to detail by Wagner has won the hearts and minds of Huddersfield fans, whilst his tactics have earned the Terriers a top half of the Premier League spot so far.

Huddersfield fans will not want their head coach to leave and return to Germany and BVB will need to ensure the timing is right for any new appointments.

Wagner has signed a contract with Huddersfield Town, and was offered much more than his current Town contract to leave at the end of last season, but the German has stayed loyal to the club. It is unlikely that Wagner would leave Yorkshire at the present time.