David Wagner believes Huddersfield can survive in the Premier League

Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner is confident the Terriers will stay in the Premier League after they secured their second away win of the season with a 4-1 triumph at Watford on Saturday, a result which lifted them up to 11th in the table and put them on 21 points.

Wagner pinpoints performances as evidence of Huddersfield staying up

With almost half of the campaign gone, Wagner refused to set a limit on what Huddersfield could achieve, highlighting his side's performances as reasons for confidence in their ability to survive in the top flight.

"Because we had no experience in the Premier League, at the start of the season, I had the hope that this group of players could survive," the German told Sky Sports."Now, after playing 18 games, I have belief we have a chance to survive.

"If you ask me for a place I have nothing in my mind because we gave ourselves no limits on what we can achieve, that is what I believe".

Staying up German's goal

Wagner reiterated that"First and foremost our target is to survive and to make sure we are in the Premier League next season as well.

"Apart from this, as we said to ourselves this season and the season before, we should not give ourselves a limit, it makes no sense, not in a single game and not for the whole season".

No matter what, the gaffer promised that "We will try our best and take what we get out of this season. To give yourself a limit gives you a limit and this is what we should avoid. Our only aim is to play as well as we can".

'Confidence' going forward

The Terriers will look to solidify their position in the league with upcoming matches against Southampton, Stoke City and Burnley as 2017 draws to a close.

"We have a chance to survive in the Premier League and for Huddersfield Town - everybody knows the size of our club and our budget - it's a great feeling that we are in the position where we are and that we have performed as we have so far. This gives us confidence for the future." Wagner said.

Wagner looking at January transfer window options

The turn of the year marks the opening of the January transfer window and, despite being pleased with his squad's exploits this season, Wagner revealed he would take the chance to develop his options if need be.

"I'm happy with the players I have, this is why I have the squad I have," he added."I cannot give a serious answer whether we will do some business in the transfer window because nobody knows what's going to happen.

Yesterday we had to take two players off because of injuries", Wagner states. "Hopefully they are not too serious injuries but this is an example that nobody knows what happens until the winter window.

Maybe we will do something, maybe not, this is something I can only answer when the window is open and then we can judge every single situation after every single day whether it makes sense or no sense.

At the minute, I can say I'm happy with the players I have, the Terriers boss adds, saying "everybody has given everything so far, but we have to improve for the rest of the season and develop as a group and as individuals.

This is what we have to do because our opponents will improve and develop as well in the next five or six months."