Christopher Schindler updates on injury fears after Stoke match

Huddersfield Town centre back Christopher Schindler spoke to the Huddersfield Examiner and provided an update on his injury concerns following the match against Stoke City.

During the match the had been involved in several incidents and there were injury worries over the German. In the first half Schindler clashed with Stoke City's Joe Allen and went down clutching his knee after winning the foul.

Although the physios were called onto he pitch, the German waved them away and continued with the match. Later in the match Schindler and Abdelhamid Sabiri colided which left the German clutching at his back. Fans were worried about the 27-year-old after the bruising match, however the German told the Examiner that he was fine. 

"I had a few impacts today - is was just one of those games," he said.

"There was a lot of battles and a lot of challenges.​ What is more disappointing is the result."

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Unable to control the game

Schindler went on to talk about the Stoke game itself, and admitted were unable to keep the Potter fans quiet. He stated that the new manager of Stoke had a clear plan to press Town high, which obviously worked.

"In the first half it wasn't the most beautiful game to watch.

"We didn't want to make easy mistakes like we did last game - I think that was in the heads of the players - so we played quite easy football with a lot of long balls to try and get into the final third.

"It was a game with a lot of challenges and a lot of headers which we defended quite well - especially in the first half.

"But we ever had the feeling we could silence the crowd, silence the game and keep them in their final third for a couple of minutes."

The German also admitted that the Terriers were not good enough at the end of the day, Town have an FA Cup match next against Birmingham City before trying to battle again in the Premier League, to stay above the relegation zone. The next match the Terriers have in the top flight is Liverpool at home. Although a tough match, the Reds lost against fellow strugglers Swansea City, which should give David Wagner and his men some confidence going into the match.