David Wagner feels Huddersfield "deserved" loss against Liverpool

David Wagner feels Huddersfield "deserved" loss against Liverpool

The Terriers boss met with the media following his side's defeat at home to the Reds.

John Lupo

Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner spoke to the press following the Terriers' 3-0 home loss to Liverpool.

The defeat was the fourth in a row for the Yorkshire club, but they remain in 14th in the latest Premier League table.

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Wagner says loss was a "deserved result"

While the German felt “there is no doubt this was a deserved result," he said,"the first goal was very unlucky; a deflection from 25 yards."  

He was realistic in knowing that Everything had to go in our favour to be successful. We had the best chance before that and needed to score”.

Wagner stated that “the idea was to stay in the game further and then to go offensive and get in their face. Shortly before our two offensive players on, we conceded the penalty.

“There were a few important situations that we needed to go in our favour against a team like Liverpool and they didn’t tonight. It was important that we scored the first one and we didn’t.”

The gaffer isn't worried but knows “the only thing that has changed tonight is that we have fewer games to get points. We know that we have to continue, stick together and find solutions.”

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German still sees good things despite heavy defeat

Wagner was quick to say “I see effort, I see commitment, I see attitude and togetherness - everything which you have to see,”  and does not expect to be doing any further business before the transfer window closes.

“Confidence, of course, is not at the highest point if you have a lot of defeats, no question. We don’t like this situation, we don’t enjoy where we are - that we have this period where we don’t collect points.

But we are not surprised. This is not something we didn’t expect, and this makes it possible to manage because we are not surprised."