"Football is about trying to trick your opponent," says Pochettino amidst Spurs diving row

"Football is about trying to trick your opponent," says Pochettino amidst Spurs diving row

The Spurs boss thinks there's been an overreaction to Sunday's events.

Oliver Emmerson

Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that the footballing community is too 'sensitive' about the topic of players diving, suggesting that the game is being killed with constant discussion of players tumbling to the floor.

The Argentine's comments come in the aftermath of Tottenham's 2-2 draw with Liverpool on Sunday.

Spurs gained two penalties in the game, some suggesting that Erik Lamela and Harry Kane both dived to win them, whilst attacking midfielder Dele Alli was booked by referee John Moss during the game for simulation. 

Pochettino came out to indirectly defend his players, attacking the footballing community for their backlash against diving.

Telling the media that we used to congratulate players for tricking the referee, Pochettino said; "You believe that in England you were honest and always perfect.

"That is the football that I was in love with when I was a child. Football is about trying to trick your opponent. Yes or no?

"What does tactic mean? You do some tactics to try to trick the opponent. You say, 'Oh I play on the right but I’m going to finish on the left'. It’s a mix that I am worried that maybe we are going to kill the game."

Alli decision right, sensitivity wrong

Pochettino did admit that the decision to book Alli was correct, but seems surprised at the continued uproar around the simulation habits of his 21-year-old starlet.

"The problem now is that we are so sensitive about the situation," he said.

"And then we are so focused on Dele Alli.

"But in the end, it was clear. It was a yellow card, the referee was right and perfect."

Despite the subtle defence of diving, Pochettino will hope he doesn't need his players to commit simulation as they look to progress into the FA Cup fifth round, playing at home to Newport County in their replay on Wednesday night.