Jose Mourinho hits back at Gary Neville following Paul Pogba criticism

Jose Mourinho hits back at Gary Neville following Paul Pogba criticism

Jose Mourinho has appeared to hit back at Gary Neville, following the United legends criticism of Paul Pogba on Monday night.

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José Mourinho hit back at Manchester United legend Gary Neville, following the pundits' criticism of Paul Pogba's performance against Crystal Palace and the suggestion of a possible lack of unity within Mourinho's squad.

Neville had blasted Pogba's first-half performance on Monday

Following United's abysmal first-half display away at Crystal Palace on Monday night, Neville had heavily criticised the Frenchman's performance.

"It's like everything he does is like a YouTube or Instagram video. It's like it's not serious, it's like a joke to him in terms of the way he goes about things. It's no wonder José Mourinho has left him out for the past few weeks a number of times," said the former United man. 

Neville had also commented on a possible lack of team unity within United's squad. 

"I've never seen a Jose Mourinho team as inefficient as this, there always efficient teams, they always do things really calmly, they are usually solid in defence," Neville stated before continuing on to criticise his former club even further.

"He won't recognise, I don't recognise this as a performance. They are just individuals. They play in moments, they are not a unit yet."

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Mourinho has hit back

In his pre-Liverpool press conference, Mourinho appeared to hit back at Neville following his comment by discussing his brief managerial career.

The United boss said: "Some of the guys with an opinion couldn’t resolve their own problems when they were managers, so they are giving opinions like they have, solutions for everything, but it is not like that but they are in a position where they can give opinions about everything."

Neville has only had one managerial job, at four-month spell at Valencia before being sacked by the Spanish club and vowing to never return to management again.

Not the first time José has hit back at the pundits

Mourinho has hit back at comments from pundits criticising his United side before, following Graeme Souness' comments about the Red Devils at the end of last season, in which he gave his opinion about United having a poor season.

Mourinho hit back at the ex-Liverpool players comments in his end of season programme notes.

"I have seen in the football media that certain pundits cannot understand why our players are tired," Mourinho wrote. "A pundit is not honest if they cannot forget their colours or if they try to hide the truth from their audience.

"It's not my fault if their managerial career was very poor."

Like Neville, it is fair to say that Souness' managerial career has been nowhere near as successful as the United's boss, clearly giving Mourinho the thought that neither of them have no right to criticise his team performances.