Jonas Lössl: "Survival in the Premier League is still in our own hands"

Jonas Lössl: "Survival in the Premier League is still in our own hands"

Huddersfield Town Keeper Jonas Lössl believes survival is still in the Terriers hands ahead of the final run in.

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Huddersfield Town number one goalkeeper Jonas Lössl has spoken to the media ahead of the final push for Premier League survival.

The Dane stressed that no game is easier than any other, and all are worth the same points regardless of who the opposition is.

The 29-year-old spoke about where the Terriers currently are in the Premier League and where they would like to be. 

Lössl told the press: "We hoped for more points, we wanted more. We just need to keep optimistic.

"We have seven games left and they are all worth the same amount. We need to pick up a few more wins."

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Big Games going forward

The Danish International went on to add: "We have some fantastic fixtures coming up. Brighton and Newcastle away are big, big matches. Then we have Watford at home, so we still have a lot of chances to pick up the points we need.

"Even if we were in the bottom three, it's not over, however, we aren't in there. Survival in the Premier League is still in our own hands, so we just need to go for it."

Speaking about the defeat to Crystal Palace, the Dane admitted that the Terriers were second best and that they didn't play well enough to get the points, and went on to add some insight about the game and the first goal that he conceded.

"We brought attitude and fight to the pitch, so we didn't lose on spirit but we didn't play well enough for our game to work," the 29-year-old added.

"I wouldn't say we were surprised at how they were, they just came out in the first 15 minutes and they put some hard pressure on us.

"For the first goal, it was a tight ball in the area which they managed to flick on. It was a quick reaction from me, and unfortunately, the ball bounced back to them."

Lossl stated: "I don't think I could have done any more with it."

"We need to accept it now and move forward. We have to, we still have seven games to go this season."

Finally, Lossl talked about the lack of points in the last few games and what they will be attempting going forward to keep their spot in the Premier League, which is very much in their own hands.

Other results could go for them or against them but the Terriers just have to look after their own results.

"This was a good chance to get a win, so was last week, however, we'll go for it in every game until there is no more to go for," Lossl concluded.