Ryan reaching for unbroken run of Premier League appearances

Ryan reaching for unbroken run of Premier League appearances

The keeper is hoping to still be one of the first name of the team sheets and continue his unbroken run of appearances in the Premier League

Adam Stenning

Brighton goalkeeper Matthew Ryan is on course to continue his unbroken run of Premier League appearances when The Seagulls visit Selhurst Park to take on bitter rivals Crystal Palace.

Ryan is among 13 players in the top flight of which seven are keepers like the Australian ​who have played every minute of every match.

The Albion ​keeper is set to continue this record, despite healthy competition from both Tim Krul and Nikki Maenpaa.

The 26-year-old spoke to The Argus and said: “You look for stability and for me, when I didn’t get that, all of a sudden it’s turbulence and everything, which was in Valencia.

“Every season, aside from Valencia, I’d played every game of every season. I guess that’s just the norm for me.

“That’s why I’m here. I’m here to do a job."

Ready to contribute

​Ryan is keen to contribute as much as he can: “I want to contribute in every opportunity you get to pull on those boots and gloves and be out there.

“We are so fortunate to be footballers and live the life that we live and I never want to take it for granted.

“Touch wood I can stay fit, healthy, keep in good form and continue to get selected and contribute to the team staying up.”

​The Australian will be hoping to continue his great form this season in the final six games of this season and further push for the player of the season award.