Michael Carrick outlines intentions to become a manager after wise words to Pogba

Michael Carrick outlines intentions to become a manager after wise words to Pogba

The Englishman will retire at the end of the season and join Jose Mourinho's coaching staff, but has even higher ambitions than that.

Harry Robinson

Michael Carrick has admitted he has hopes of becoming a manager in the future as the end of his playing career draws closer.

The Manchester United captain will retire at the end of the season after a hugely successful time at the club since joining in 2006, winning every trophy there is to win.

Carrick will join Jose Mourinho’s coaching staff as soon as he hangs up his boots, and has conceded that it’s not where his ambition ends.

The Englishman told former-teammate Gary Neville that he’d like to go into full management one day.

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Carrick: I'll be a manager

“Eventually, I think so,” Carrick said. “It looks easier than it obviously is! But of course, it's not easy.

“There is an element that keeps nagging away at me in games where I think what I would do, what would I change etc.”

Carrick has already been gaining experience under Mourinho. The Englishman has been offered a role in his staff and will take that in a few months. But he also got the chance to be part of the coaching staff on the bench in a recent game, and had an influence on star midfielder Paul Pogba ahead of the Manchester derby.

Carrick reveals advice to Pogba

Pogba told reports after the game that Carrick had spoken to him.

“I just kept it simple and said 'this is what you are' and 'this is what you're good at’,” Carrick said.

“Listen, he scored two goals, so it's not down to me. I'm glad I did obviously [speak to him] because it showed little things do register with players.”

Carrick also advised young Angel Gomes ahead of his debut at the end of last season and has had experience with United’s youth sides.

A fantastic player, his personality is ideal for the captain of Man United and it’s good to see him remaining involved in the club.