Huddersfield Town appoint Olaf Rebbe as Sporting Director

Huddersfield Town have announced their first signing of the summer window and it's not a player.

The Terriers had been looking for a Director of Football since October. Head Coach David Wagner had his eye on recruiting Olaf Rebbe but he was tied to Wolfsburg until April.

Rebbe will effectively be taking over from David Moss who left the Terriers after only five months with the Premier League club. 

Rebbe will be working closely with Wagner as well as reporting to the board on player recruitment and monitoring of football operations such as scouting, analysis, medicine and sports science.

The German will also work closely with the Huddersfield Town academy manager Leigh Bromby to drive the development of the Terriers youth system in the new format.

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Rebbe was the second youngest Sporting Director when appointed by Wolfsburg back in 2016.

After only 18 months in charge, the German left the club after failing to recruit Hannover General Manager Horst Heldt over to Wolfsburg.

As part of the David Wagner team, Rebbe will be a good fit, being able to concentrate on the scouting and other parts of the job, freeing up Wagner to concentrate solely on the coaching side. 

The 40-year-old is set to join the Terriers from June 1st, although having had a lot of control in the Bundesliga, in the new role in the Premier League, any signings will still have to go via the board and the Head Coach.

This is a clear step forward by the Terriers and another sign that although no official announcement on any contract extension for Wagner himself, he is building a team around him that he wants and is comfortable with. 

Rebbe will bring experience and knowledge to the Terriers, and being in what is regarded as the "Best League in the world" is another stepping stone in his career.

Next season will start to see some changes around the stadium, with the widening of the pitch already taking place, and plans to re-develop the training facilities.