David Wagner signs three-year contract extension through 2021

David Wagner signs three-year contract extension through 2021

The Huddersfield Town manager was rewarded for keeping the Terriers in the Premier League with a long-term deal.

John Lupo

Huddersfield Town manager David Wagner has signed a three-year contract extension through 2021.

The Terriers boss kept the Yorkshire outfit in the top flight, defying the odds and was rewarded for his efforts.

The club also announced the extensions of Wagner's coaches Christoph Bühler and Andrew Hughes that will keep them in Huddersfield for an additional three years.

Hoyle releases statement on new deals for coaching trio

Club chairman Dean Hoyle put out a press release, saying: “I’m very happy that we can announce David, Christoph and Andrew’s new contracts today on the back of a superb debut Premier League season.

“I understand why David is so talked about and sought-after given the things he has achieved here; he’s a very talented head coach and has played a huge role in transforming Huddersfield Town into the club it is today."

He was confident the German would never be going anywhere else, stating: “I have never had any doubts about David’s future.

"Time and time again, he has shown his commitment to Huddersfield Town, as the club has demonstrated its commitment to him."

Hoyle stressed: “It’s also important that the futures of Christoph and Andrew are secure. They’ve played integral parts in the success we’ve all enjoyed.

"Together, they make a fantastic, talented coaching team as they all bring different skill sets to the table."

He concluded his statement by commenting: “We have a fantastic working relationship and we’re looking forward to taking on the challenge of establishing Huddersfield Town in the Premier League together.”

Wagner comments on penning new deal

Speaking on his contract extension, the Huddersfield gaffer said: “The decision to extend my stay at this Club was not a difficult one. 

'The relationship Christoph, Andy and I have with Dean, the rest of the Board, the staff and the supporters is special.

"We’ve achieved some incredible things together in two and a half years and now I’m excited about the future."

He added: “We still have a lot of work to do as we adapt to life in the Premier League, but this Club and its people have the ambition, desire and attitude to take this challenge on."

Wagner took time to personally address the Terriers fans, saying: “Finally, a message to Huddersfield Town fans everywhere. Thank you for the support you have shown us and the players since I joined the Club; it’s been such a big factor in the success we’ve enjoyed.”