Newcastle United release "A statement to fans"

Newcastle United release "A statement to fans"

The day after the transfer window slammed shut, the club released a statement explaining what they want from the fans and how they judge their business.

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This summer's transfer window has been seen as good enough by the majority of Newcastle United fans as they expected more money to be invested int

This has forced the club to make a joint statement explaining how: "Doing good business in a transfer window is about ending the window clearly stronger than when you started and we believe we have done this." Lee Charnley, Rafa Benitez and Jamaal Lascelles told

A strengthen squad

The reoccurring theme throughout the letter is that the club have added seven players to the squad as they told "We are all excited about the seven players who have joined this summer.

"Their experience in the Premier League and at an international level - with three of them appearing at this summer's World Cup for their respective countries - cannot fail to strengthen us."

The three of them are trying to get the point across that, despite not spending much money the club have done some very good business this summer to improve the squad that finished 10th last season.

Spending not required 

Within the letter they seem to try and justify the way the club have acted and spent this transfer window to try and get fans to support the team on the pitch.

They explained: "Given our finishing position last season, we already had a team of players capable of performing well in the Premier League.

"They have shown heart, guts and determination and the interface that they are 'Championship' players and not good enough is unfair and untrue.

"The players all believe in themselves and in the quality of the squad, and we all believe in the players."

This may have angered a lot of the fans as they believe the club should have spent more money during the summer and acted with more purpose throughout the window, despite bringing in seven good quality players.

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Get behind the players on the pitch

The club have sent out a rallying call to their supporters as they believe: "Now, it's about all of us pulling in the same direction, for the good of the club.

"This came through strongly in a recent positive call between our owner and senior members of the squad, who agreed that better dialogue going forward will benefit all parties and is in the best interests of the club."

This goes against how the club is being run at the minute and how they have acted in the previous window as Benitez continues to be war with the owner and managing director about transfers and funds.


Benitez believes the club should have been pushing for trophies this season, but instead they must just survive again, just like last year.

The final piece of this letter expresses how the club feels about the fans: "We know our supporters are incredibly passionate and we know that passion will be channelled into supporting the players we have in black and white on Saturday, and every matchday thereafter home or away."

It seems like a final chance to get fans back supporting the team and not doing protest against the club and the owner. This will come after the #IfRafaGoesWeGo trend on Twitter has organised protests and demonstartions against the club before the game on Saturday against Tottenham Hotspur.

With the club saying they want everyone to pull in the same direction, but the fans clearly being on a different page to their owner which is why this letter may make fans more frustarted with how they have been treat, along with the manager.


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