Rafa Benitez issues messages to Newcastle players: "Take your chances and don't make mistakes"
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Rafa Benitez issues messages to Newcastle players: "Take your chances and don't make mistakes"

Rafa Benitez was left frustrated as he saw his players make too many errors and gifted West Ham with too many chances through their own poor play.

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Newcastle United were brought back down to reality on Saturday with a 3-0 defeat to West Ham at home.

Rafa Benitez was left frustrated and with many questions to find the answers to before their mid-week clash away to Everton on Wednesday.

Money is the big talking point

Benitez was adamant the difference between the two sides was the amount of money spent on offensive players as they all made the difference in the game.

Players like Felipe Anderson Javier Hernandez and Marko Arnautovic were a nightmare for the Newcastle defenders as they never gave them a moment's rest.

Those three players cost more than the entire starting XI for Newcastle and Benitez ensured he got that key point across.

He told BBC Sport: "They have spent the money on offensive players and they made the difference.

"What they spend, what we spend, you can see that on the pitch."

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'We cannot put our heads down' - Benitez

The Spaniard was clearly not happy with how the game was played as it didn't suit the compact game plan he likes to operate.

"When you are more open they have pace and can make the difference."

He added: "We cannot put our heads down. It is a battle. We will show the same character as we do in every game.

"In a Premier League match, when you have chances and don’t take your chances, and the other team, with quality, take their chances."

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Benitez staying calm despite the worst defeat of the season

The Spaniard tried to take some positives from the game but couldn't hide the fact that his players failed to take their chances which has been their problem all season.

"We had enough chances to score and change everything and we made a couple of mistakes in defence," he continued. "I hope it will be just one game because we had three good games.

"I think it was a reminder of how tough things can be. If you don’t take your chances and another team has quality that is what happens."