Mike Ashley insists he is eager to sell the club before January
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Mike Ashley insists he is eager to sell the club before January

The cockney owner put the club up for sale 18 months ago and has yet to meet a buyer that is willing to make a sensible offer that comes close to his valuation of £300 million.

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Mike Ashley seems more eager than ever to sell Newcastle United as talks are more advanced then they have ever been, which gives Geordies some hope for a different kind of Christmas present.

With talks apparently being so advanced it means a bid may well be very close as they should be further along compared to when Amanda Staveley 'bid' for the club.

However, many Newcastle fans are very sceptical about this news as the news about Staveley bidding for the club broke this time last year which then allowed Ashley to not spend any money in January.

Can you believe Ashley

The Sports Direct owner has been found out to be lying before, and even in a court case, he admitted that he and the club deliberately misled the fans about what was happening at the club.

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Many fans will want to believe their owner when he told SkyNews that it wasn't impossible for the club to be sold before the January transfer window.

However, it is two months since he told the players and Rafa Benitez at a meal that the club would not be sold this season, therefore his change of approach is very strange.

Different story this time

The thing that makes it feel different this time around is that Ashley himself has come out and bigged up a sale when nothing had even been rumoured for the last few months about a potential sale.

Therefore, why would Ashley talk up of a sale on live TV if something wasn't close to happening?

He spoke to SkyNews to talk about the high street and retail so it came as a surprise to see him openly speak about Newcastle.

He told SkyNews "I am hopeful – for the Newcastle fans, for the club, for everybody, that I will be able to step aside and we will be able to get an owner in that will please everybody.

"I'd like it to be before the January transfer window."

A sale before January is possible

It does seem very unlikely but the owner did not rule out a sale before January which would allow the new owner to give Benitez funds to spend in the winter transfer window.

When he was asked if a sale before January was realistic he was cautious in his reply:

"It's possible. Realistic is maybe too strong a word,"  he said. 

"Hopefully, we can carry on the good form – the just recent good form – and we can get the deal done."