Marco Silva frustrated with defeat to Brighton

Marco Silva frustrated with defeat to Brighton

The Everton manager gave his feelings on the result, Lucas Digne's reaction after full time and more

Adam Stenning

Everton manager, Marco Silva also described how frustrating a game it was for Everton and how they could have got a different result if they would have taken their chances: "Yes it was a frustrating afternoon for us, even if you want to talk about the lack of chances we created, even though we created more chances than them in the game. If you look we had a good chance from free-kicks. 

"Even if it wasn't the best performance we created enough chances to achieve a different result and the best chance on the pitch, after the goal with the chance with Richarlison off the post.

"Then later on we had the chance which hit the bar with Zouma, even if you don't create or six different chances to score we created enough to get a different result."

Everton frustrations with the referee

One player who was not very happy after the final whistle was Lucas Digne and he had to be pulled away by some of the Everton staff and Silva explained what he was aggrieved about:"He was upset not just him. Firstly because we lost the match and it was our goal. Secondly, he was upset about the refereeing at some moments and how he managed some moments of the game."


Silva himself had a word with the referee after the game and was very secretive about what it was about, only that it was not about the goal: "What I told him is to stay between me and him and what I can tell is nothing about the goal, as I had a feeling it was a deflection off Andre Gomes it was a normal goal and nothing about the goal."

Silva all disclosed what went wrong today for Everton, in particular the first half:"Clearly in the first 20 minutes played the ball too slow, we had the conditions to play better, but we moved the ball too slow and we did everything too slow. We did completely different in the last 10-15 minutes of the half and we controlled the rest of the half and had more chances to take the lead."

Consistent results the key for Everton

One of the goals for Everton is to be consistent with their results as despite playing well for a majority of the game they did not get the result they wanted "Well of course that is our goal. It is not all about our performance but our results and that is the challenge for us. We had a very good run before the Liverpool game and after that we had a bad run.

"After that we had a fantastic reaction last week and we expected a different afternoon today, but in some moments we have to be more consistent as a team and we will aim to do that in the second half of the season, starting in the new year."