Pochettino iterates his loyalty to Spurs and Daniel Levy's intentions
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Pochettino iterates his loyalty to Spurs and Daniel Levy's intentions

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino spoke to the media ahead of their Premier League clash against Watford on Wednesday. 

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Mauricio Pochettino told the press he will not leave Tottenham Hotspur despite the rumours and the difficult beginning to 2019. 

Spurs have struggled since the turn of the year with injuries and cup eliminations but Pochettino remained positive in a passionate press conference. 

The 46-year-old spoke to the media ahead of Spurs' Wednesday night clash against Watford from Hotspur Way. 

Till' the end

On Sunday, following Tottenham's FA Cup elimination by Crystal Palace Mauricio Pochettino spoke of how he does not feel trophies are everything in football. 

His words received a lot of criticism from his own fans, to which the Argentine boss replied:

"First of all I don't know if our fans were happy or unhappy because I don't follow social media, that is good for me, then I think you take in a negative way my comment.

I think it's so important to clarify because you're now asking different people about my comment. I know now that talk about ego is a negative expression in England. In different countries, maybe because it's different cultures, people talk about ego more superficially," he said. 

Spurs now find themselves out of both the FA Cup and Carabao Cup after back-to-back defeats to Chelsea and Palace. 

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"I think that is the principal thing that we need to clarify, our fans need to know, when you ask me if I agree to win a domestic cup will help us to achieve the last level, I cannot agree. I only wanted to translate that we are doing fantastic things in the last few years, we are focused on different things, not only to win.

"I am going to stick with the club until the end to help the club achieve all they want," Pochettino added. 

Levy shares the same views

Last summer saw Tottenham became the first Premier League side not to sign any players in a summer transfer window. 

Pochettino was then questioned on his boss, Daniel Levy and whether he shares a similar view on winning trophies:

"Of course, when we talk and always with all respect because I always talk the same. Ok I'm going to use a different example from a different country.

"If you are at Real Madrid, you only think about winning trophies, there is not another point. In Tottenham when we arrive here four years and a half ago it was a completely different challenge for the club," he said. 

Spurs have been linked with a number of players this January transfer window but with time running out it does not appear any incomings will be finalised. 

"Like right now we are focused on trying to win every game in every competition, but for different reasons we are still missing something that means we cannot deliver," Poch added. 

Big clubs need big money

Pochettino was also questioned on whether Spurs will invest big money to compete with the Premier League heavyweights:

"Yes but all in the right time. The club decide to sign or not for different reasons, I think it was better for club to keep our players.

"The most important thing is we decide as a club, every single decision is about the club, we share all the decisions, it is not me that I have £100m to spend or I want to sign or I don’t want to sign, the decision is about working with the club, with the resources we have."

Despite their recent Premier League finishes, Spurs have had a net spend of just £20M since 2014. 

"If we don't sign it is not because I don't want to sign it’s because we are not capable to find a player that will help us," the 46-year-old added.