Contrasting emotions for Barnes and Duffy
Duffy with his head in hands image courtesy of Mike Hewitt on Getty Images.

Contrasting emotions for Barnes and Duffy

The Burnley striker was chuffed with his sides performance, whereas as Duffy was saying how Brighton have plenty to work on

Adam Stenning

Ashley Barnes and Shane Duffy were feeling contrasting emotions after Brighton hosted Burnley.

One was chuffed with his side's performance and a massive win, whereas the other was looking for his side to get their heads down and put it right.

Barnes on Burnley's performance

Barnes was full of praise for what was a massive win for the side as they moved themselves three points away from the bottom three.

The striker had the following to say on his side performance: "We knew it was a massive game that we needed to win, but it made it even more of a big game that we had to win, otherwise we'd be in the bottom three."

One player who kept Burnley in the game in the first half was goalkeeper, Tom Heaton"I think obviously Heaton kept us in the game, making some fantastic saves. We were phenomenal, all the lads, you couldn't have singled out one."

Brighton need to focus on basics

Duffy has called for Brighton to get back to basics, after their loss at home: "It's not always rosy and it's not rosy at the minute, so we need to get our heads down and get back to basics and make it hard for teams to come here again and be back to the team we were earlier in the season and start picking up points again.

"Obviously it is difficult at the minute, but we have got to go back and get back to it and maybe we just need a bit of luck to get over the line and kickstart again."

The centre half also talked about the decision not to give Brighton a penalty before Burnley scored for a handball by Jeff Hendrick: "It's a decision that went against us today, but we still have to defend it better they shouldn't have got in like they did, but we will look at ourselves and be better at this level you get punished and on every occasion we made a mistake and let in three goals.

"We know we are in a battle and we know we can only get out of it ourselves, we never have but at the minute it is just not happening for us."