Isaac Hayden thanks Newcastle fans for sticking with him
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Isaac Hayden thanks Newcastle fans for sticking with him

The wantaway midfielder is happy that the Geordies have stuck by him during a difficult period for Hayden.

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Isaac Hayden has made it very clear since August that he wants to leave Newcastle United for family reasons.

However, despite his 'difficult' situation, Hayden has played every game in 2019 for the Magpies and the fans have recognised the effort and commitment he is putting in.

Hayden has come into the side as injuries piled up for Rafa Benitez, but despite Mo Diame being fit again, Hayden started against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Recognises fans' support and understanding

Hayden said he felt 'the positive vibes' when the supporters applauded him off the pitch against Wolves on Monday night.

The midfielder appreciates the support he has received from the fans despite saying in a number of interviews he wants to leave the club.

Hayden told the Chronicle: "Of course I feel the positive vibes,

“Everyone will have opinions about certain things, but I'm a one of those people who wears their heart on their sleeve.

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“I'm always honest, I'm never going to hold back or hold emotions in. If some people don't like it, they don't like it. If they like it, then fair enough."

'I enjoy playing games of football' - Hayden

Hayden is happy to have had a good run of games in the first team since boxing day which was only his second start of the campaign.

The midfielder has the respect of the Newcastle fans with the way he has conducted himself since not getting his wish of moving closer to his family.

This is because the midfielder claims 'the minimum is effort' whenever he plays for Newcastle.

Hayden said: “I've tried my best in every game. Some games I'm going to play badly; some games I'll be good. The minimum is the effort, and I don't think I've lacked that.

"It wasn't really that difficult for me [football-wise] in January because I was playing games of football. I just enjoy playing games of football, and it doesn't matter who you're playing for, you just want to play.'

Looking forward to warm weather training

The Magpies flew out to Spain after their draw against Wolves where Hayden hopes it will benefit the new signings as well as the whole squad.

Benitez did the same last season and when they returned the Magpies won three games in a row which began their rise up the table.

However, Hayden is hopeful the time away from Newcastle and being together as a squad will help Miguel Almiron and Antonio Barreca get to know the squad better.

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The midfielder said: “It's good for the new lads as well because they've only just joined, so they haven't had too much time to bed in.

“It'll be good to spend more time with them, even away from football as a group because you don't really get to do that much in England where you just train and go home.

“In Spain, everyone will be in the same vicinity, even the staff, and we have a great camaraderie so I think it'll be a great trip."