Hughton: "Lampard was the type of player all coaches admire"
Chris Hughton on the sideline image courtesy of Mike Hewitt on Getty Images.

Hughton: "Lampard was the type of player all coaches admire"

The Brighton manager had some humbling words about Derby's manager both as a player and a manger

Adam Stenning

Brighton manager, Chris Hughton was full of praise for Derby manager, Frank Lampard both as a player and now as a manager.

The Seagulls face Lampard's Derby in the FA Cup over the coming weekend. 

Hughton on Lampard

Hughton was asked about his memories of Lampard, going into the FA Cup tie, a competition Lampard won four times as a player.

The Brighton manager had this to say on the former Chelsea, New York City and West Ham midfielder: “I think as regards to the memories the same as everybody. I can remember Frank as a young lad being taken to train at different places by his dad.

“He was the type of player all coaches admire, as I think he has improved by the hard work he was willing to put in and of course, he ended up being one of the best box-to-box players in the country."

Hughton also touched on Lampard and the work he is doing now as a manager: “As regards to management you never know, you have somebody that has all the credentials, would have played in different club sides and different formations, so I can imagine what he picked up as a player.

“He has mixed the youth and experience and got them playing the football he wants and they have had some real successful games this season and makes it a real difficult tie.”

Mentality is good despite Brighton's recent form

The Seagulls have only picked up two points from there last six Premier League game.

But despite this Hughton admits the mentality of the side is still high: “Well the mentality has been very good and I think that’s probably because ultimately we know it’s about making sure we get as many points as we can and of course the points have been lacking in this period.

“But in between that we have got through to this stage of the FA Cup, where we are on the back of one of our better performances against Watford, only two weeks ago.

“Probably a game against Burnley in which we felt was a tough result, but we doing things at both ends of the pitch which don’t warrant picking up points."

Hughton on the FA Cup

The Brighton manager also talked about the FA Cup and how it is becoming a nice distraction from Brighton's league struggles: “We of course don’t play till next Saturday either and play the following Tuesday, but we had full intentions of wanting to get through to this stage of the competition, we have had some hard fought games already.

"I think the teams we have put out in the last rounds have showed our intention on wanting to get through, we have tried to strike the balance between consistency and using the squad we have got."