Jürgen Klopp: We have no problem with confidence
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Jürgen Klopp: We have no problem with confidence

Liverpool's German manager lauded his team's impressive display against Burnley and believes that his team has no problem with confidence despite being right in the mix for the Premier League title.

Joshua Kerr

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp believes his players are not lacking 'confidence' despite surrendering their lead at the top of the Premier League table to champions Manchester City

The Reds ensured they closed the gap at the summit to just a point following their rampant 4-2 victory against Burnley

Klopp's players were called into question following only two wins in their previous six league matches that also included two 0-0 stalemates but the Liverpool manager believes his players have confidence in abundance.

He said: "Today, was important. We score five goals against Watford then goalless against Everton and everyone asks me about offensive line-ups. I think next time we don’t score you’ll ask that again. 

"We have no problem with confidence. We never had a problem with confidence after the Everton game.

"If we score five we are the best attacking team in the world and then when we score none we have an offensive problem." 

"Mo Salah was the best player on the pitch"

Liverpool's breathtaking attacking triumvirate has come under scrutiny for lacking goals in clinical moments - especially against the top teams.

However, braces for both Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino ensured the Reds became the first team to have three players already in double figures in terms of league goals for the season.

Mohamed Salah wasn't quite able to grab his 50th league goal for Liverpool and his failure to score today meant the Egyptian has gone on his longest run since joining the club without scoring. 

However, despite the Reds most potent attacker's inability to find the net today, his manager felt he was the most inspiring player on the pitch. 

"Today, for me, Mo Salah was the best player on the pitch and he didn’t score. I don’t know if you’ll see that in a lot of ratings because the striker didn’t score", added Klopp.

The victory was also an opportunity for the magnificent Adam Lallana to produce a fine performance on his first league start since January against West Ham at the London Stadium. 

The Englishman was utterly flamboyant and ignited a number of Liverpool's attacking moves and his manager was delighted with the 30-year-old's contributions.

He said: "We had a long training week, and we had a lot of sessions. I said at the beginning of the week it’s possible for him to show up

"In the end it was clear. If he can play like he trained then he would help us a lot which is exactly how it happened today.

"We know he’s always good on the ball, pretty aggressive boy on the counter-press situation and he is a game changer.

"It’s a brilliant thing in that moment that didn’t really look promising until Adam jumped in that situation so well deserved. I’m really happy for him."


Klopp defends Marriner over controversial opener

Liverpool were forced to respond from a controversial opener from the hosts that saw Ashley Westwood curl a corner in off the far post despite Alisson Becker seeming to have been impeded by two Burnley players.

Referee Andry Marinner arguably got that decision wrong but Klopp believed it doesn't help to dwell too much on the referee's call after the final whistle. 

"Of course, to win something you always need a bit of luck, that’s why I said if Andry Marriner has a better view he probably would have whistled it", Klopp said.

"Maybe we have to ask him If he thinks it’s completely fine. It’s always influential but it doesn’t help if we put more pressure on the day. I think they try to whistle in the right way."

"One of them was the early goal we conceded, usually it would have been disallowed if the ref had a better view of it", 

"I thought in the first moment it was a foul and after seeing the pictures you can’t treat a goalkeeper like this. It should not happen.”

“Good thing it was early, eight minutes, so enough time to react, enough time to turn it around. That’s what we did, we had the ball pretty much all the time and we created 23 shots versus their three.

"It’s actually quite impressive for them that from three shots, two of them are in. That’s not bad.

"But, wonderful play for the first goal. Little one-two in the box, Mo pressing through, Bobby easy goal. Second one, Adam Lallana fantastic counter press block, Sadio can finish it off. Third one I think would have been a penalty but Bobby is there again, then of course they score the next one.

"I thought it was a foul but I but I’ve seen more serious fouls in the history of football. We have to react better. I didn’t see it back why the ball bounced in our own box Crouchy was on the pitch and was involved somehow.

"They score a second and then it becomes a bit tricky, but the boys reacted well and we scored a fantastic fourth goal, really nice, and I think it was Sadio that went down, again Burnley once or twice lucky with the penalty but it was good, it’s a brilliant result which is always really difficult against Burnley.”

Westwood's goal added to further refereeing controversy that saw Raheem Sterling score a seemingly offside goal that eventually propelled City to command a four-point lead at the top of the table before kick-off.

It fueled a number of debates as to what actually merits an offside and Klopp argued this is something that needs to be sorted. 

"Yesterday {Man City vs Watford}, is it finally decided if It was offside or not did anybody say it was 100 per cent offside or whether it was not offside. Still not sorted.

"So that says everything, we conceded a similar goal sometime when Dejan Lovren touched the ball against Tottenham. From a football view that should be offside. 

"There will be other tricky situations and we have to make sure we do enough in the right way that’s not too influential for us.