Alisson pinpoints lack of big egos as key aspect in Liverpool's hunt for silverware

Alisson pinpoints lack of big egos as key aspect in Liverpool's hunt for silverware

The Brazilian No.1 believes that the club's unity in the dressing room has played a pivotal role in an ongoing Premier League title hunt. 

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Having secured another three points at the weekend, beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 following a late deflection off of Toby Alderweireld, Liverpool remain firmly embroiled in the Premier League title race. 

Andy Robertson's ninth assist in the league provided the opening for Roberto Firmino in the first-half, but a growing period of pressure after the interval saw Mauricio Pochettino's side get back into the contest via Lucas Moura. Indeed, it looked for all the world that the visitors would land a crippling blow to Liverpool's title hopes when Moussa Sissoko led the charge for a 2 vs 1 counter-attack inside the 80th minute before Mohamed Salah's header helped tick off another game week. 

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Alisson pinpoints lack of dressing room egos to Liverpool's title challenge

Reacting to the club's recent win, Alisson Becker highlighted that the lack of big egos in the dressing room have helped instil a collective togetherness amongst the squad amid growing hopes that Liverpool can secure their first title in twenty-nine years. Jurgen Klopp's side are still in the battle for Champions League glory as well, with a favourable draw against FC Porto offering a great chance for progression to the semi-final against either Barcelona or Manchester United. 

"In football generally there can be a lot of vanity," Alisson said. "Some players only look to themselves and can be selfish in focusing on their own interests."

However, the No.1 pinpointed the team ethic within camp; every member of Klopp's squad seem joined at the hip, ready to do whatever it takes to achieve some silverware this season. The manager's 'never-say-die' attitude has underlined that, with strong powers of recovery instilled this season to place Liverpool in such a favourable position with six games to go. 

"At this club I don't see that, I see everyone looking for the same goal and working to achieve it. We have our goals and we are fighting for them - to win the league and everything we are playing in."

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Alisson refuses to pick between Champions League and Premier League glory

Much has been made about the implications of Liverpool's continued progress in Europe. Gary Neville suggested that it could prove detrimental to the title hopes, sapping energy out of players and leaving a hangover effect for pivotal domestic games.

However, Alisson refused to be drawn on whether one competition should be favoured, instead echoing the message of his manager that the club will fight tooth and nail on both fronts.

"This is a great team, always focused on the next game and the challenge. We can't choose what we go for - if we could we choose both!"

"They are two big competitions. Of course in the Premier League it is a long time since Liverpool won it, but we will fight for both."