Sean Dyche: I'm extremely proud of my team
Sean Dyche on the touchline via Getty Images

Sean Dyche: I'm extremely proud of my team

Sean Dyche praised his side in his post-match press conference at Stamford Bridge

Matthew Wojciow

Burnley held top four chasing Chelsea, 2-2 at Stamford Bridge on Monday night. 

A whirlwind opening 25 minutes saw four goals. The first from Jeff Hendrick then goals from N'Golo Kante and Gonzalo Higuain gave Chelsea a temporary lead before Ashley Barnes equalised.

There were some unsavoury scenes at the end of the game which saw Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri sent off and a major scrap between the two benches.

Burnley boss Sean Dyche spoke after the game on his sides' performance what this means going forward and those unsavoury ending scenes. 

Dyche's view on the end

Dyche was asked for his view on what happened at the end of the match and he said: "I was over clapping our fans, they’ve been amazing, it’s Bank Holiday Monday, we more or less filled it, the club made a gesture as well, which is great, by the time I turned round, there was something going off on the edge of the pitch - I still haven’t worked out what - and I went down the tunnel and it was more of the same.

“In my day, hand bags, man bags, bum bags. I don’t think anything of it.

“We are allowed to get a point every now and again at these places."

We are not an Anti-Football team

David Luiz came out after the game and branded Burnley an anti-football team. Dyche refuted this by saying: "Well, with a £58m wage bill, and making the most of players and trying to find a way to get 40 points in the Premier League, coming to venues like this, I’m pretty pleased to be fair and delighted with the players.

“They’ve been first class, 28 points in 16 games, you can’t anti-football that. I’m telling you now, it’s impossible, you have to play some football to get 28 points in 16 games."

Are Burnley safe now?

Burnley are now on the magical 40 points now and are potentially safe from relegation. 

Dyche still doesn't believe the Clarets are safe just yet. He said: "No, I think I work on facts. I believe we’re in a very, very super-strong position but you’ve got to work on facts.

“But that’s a big marker, 40 points, we know where that lives in the Premier League historically, but we’ve got to see it through obviously."