Why write
VAVELUK writers have been present in some of the most historic grounds in English football | Photo: Getty/ Matthew Ashton

There are currently spaces for new writers to contribute to VAVEL UK.

From Arsenal to AFC Bournemouth, from the Champions League to Championship, the whole kaleidoscope of world football is covered and now you have the opportunity to be part of that special team.

However, what are the advantages in writing for VAVEL UK? Let us tell you…

Great platform

VAVEL UK provides writers with great freedom to express their abilities. Whatever an individual intends to write about, they have the scope to do just that. Writers are simply allowed to be as creative as possible. It really can be anything from previews, news pieces, reports and opinion pieces.

The website also gives writers a wonderful stage for their pieces to be seen. Being an international newspaper, VAVEL UK gives writers the opportunities for their hard-work to be read, shared and debated about.

Starting point

With numerous individuals intending to forge a career within the highly-competitive industry of sports journalism, VAVEL UK provides a wonderful starting point for writers to adjust to contributing on a regular basis.

Writers will learn about the demands of editors, whilst also being able to finesse their own writing style and adding to a CV that could prove crucial when applying to university places or future employment. VAVEL UK also allows writers to develop an understanding of the basics of journalism as they have their writing published by a dedicated team of editors.

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Opportunities aplenty

Whilst VAVEL UK can be a wonderful starting point for young writers looking to take their first steps in the sports journalism industry, the site can also provide some wonderful opportunities that parallel the best in the industry. Put simply, hard work and dedication are rewarded.

Being DataCo and Premier League accredited, VAVEL UK have taken their place in some of the most prestigious press boxes around the country.

VAVEL UK writers have covered games from Wembley Stadium, the Etihad, Old Trafford, amongst many more, and have been able to attend some of the most intriguing matches in English football within the last few years; highlighting the tremendous opportunities that could be earned by joining VAVEL UK.

Make sure you join now

It could be said then that VAVELUK could be the perfect opportunity for any potential writers at whatever stage of their journalistic career that they are at. Therefore, if you are interested in joining a strong team at VAVEL UK, make sure you get in touch with us on Twitter to make an account.