The Road to Madrid
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The match of a lifetime. A contest not to be missed. There have been some quite incredible journeys made by Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur fans as they seek to watch their side make Champions League history.

In this special feature article, Spurs fan Kayleigh Flynn documents her journey from the UK to Madrid.

A 28-hour journey

In 24 hours time, what I have just done will prove to be either the best, or worst decision of my life!

It’s nearly 9am, and I have just arrived in Madrid...after a 28-hour journey..on a coach which was sold to me as an ‘executive’ option. It is actually reminiscent of the coach I used to get on for the 20-minute trip to swimming lessons in Primary School!

I’ve been to every stage of the Champions League this year, home and away, following Spurs on their road to Madrid. It’s been wild. I even managed to break my leg in Dortmund and still make it to the game, but that’s another story!

It was never a case of me not coming to the final, it was more finding a cost effective and comfortable way to do so. As soon as the final whistle went in Amsterdam, flights and hotels shot up to well over £1000, and were rising by the minute.

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"The most surreal journey"

Along came a company who offered a trip for £300, and from their website it looked like plush leather seats, on board facilities and a good option for travelling in a group.


Instead we have spent the majority of the journey searching for alternative ways to get back. And because of that, the buzzing, excited atmosphere has been quickly lost - no doubt to be found in the streets of Madrid later today!

However, if we are Champions of Europe by the end of the evening it will just become another tale on what has been the most surreal journey to a final ever experienced.

Win or lose, I’m proud of what we have done and achieved, but the win would really make this coach ride all seem worth it!

To Dare Is To Do.