Guardiola says VAR  "could do with a little more consistency"
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Guardiola says VAR  "could do with a little more consistency"

Following City's 2-2 draw with Spurs, Guardiola has said that VAR needs "more consistency".

Josh Slinger

Manchester City were held to a 2-2 draw against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday, with VAR again costing the Blues.

Pep Guardiola vented his frustrations as the champions dropped points in a game they dominated, saying that VAR "could do with a little more consistency".

“Last season it was offside, this time it was handball,”

Just like in the UEFA Champions League quarter-final at the Etihad against Spurs in April, City thought they'd scored a last-minute winner, raising the roof off of the stadium, only for the goal to later be disallowed.

After the game, Guardiola spoke about VAR, comparing the two games against Spurs in which the new technology has come into play to cost his side.

“Last season it was offside, this time it was handball,” started the City boss. "If it was hands it was hands, the decision is made in London so there’s nothing I can do or say about it."

The Spaniard then went on further, "We could do with a little more consistency, though. If that was hands by Aymeric Laporte why was Fernando Llorente not hands last season?"

Guardiola also felt that his side should've been awarded a penalty when Rodri was brought down by Erik Lamela, although sarcastically stated that "the VAR people must have been having a cup of coffee at that moment."

Aguero row

With the score at 2-2, Guardiola opted to take off Sergio Aguero and replace him with Gabriel Jesus.

This change sparked a touchline row between City's record goalscorer and his boss. Guardiola afterwards explained the situation.

"Aguero believed I was upset with him for the goal we conceded. The goal we conceded was a corner." started Guardiola, “I wanted one on one movement. He thought I was upset with him.

City's boss went on further “I am sometimes exaggerated on the touchline but few times am I upset with the players. I was a football player, I know what it is like to be in there. Emotion is part of our game. We talked after and during."  before finishing by saying "He’s a guy I love a lot.”

As a result of this game, City will now be playing catchup early on in this season, as they sit two points off top following Arsenal and Liverpool's perfect start.

VAR has cost City goals in both of their Premier League thus far, and with Guardiola's wish in place for more consistency with the technology, it will be interesting to see how it progresses.