Dubravka happy with Newcastle's transition period
Photo Credit:(Gettyimages/Serena Taylor)

Newcastle United have undergone a summer of change both on and off the pitch, however, Martin Dubravka has been a regular under Steve Bruce.

Dubravka knows good things will come if the Magpies stick to what Bruce wants them to do and believe so far 'it's going the right way' despite being in the bottom three.

However, the Slovakian international knows it will take 'some time' to get to their best on the pitch and start producing results.

Results will come

Newcastle have just four points on the board but have had arguably the toughest start of any team in the Premier League.

However, Dubravka is not concerned as he knew a settling in period would be needed as they transitioned from Rafa Benitez's tactics to how Bruce wants them to play.

He said: "It’s a new manager. It’s a new situation for everybody, every player.

"We need to adapt. He’s explaining what he wants from us, so it’s a new situation and what we can do is adapt."

However, Dubravka is confident of climbing up the table soon if the work on the training ground translates onto the pitch.

The squad knew it would take time to learn a new formation and tactics but with the Magpies only losing once in their last three matches, it seems they may be turning a corner.

Change has been good

Dubravka added: "We’re working hard. It’s going the right way, it’s just taking some time.

"Obviously, you could see (against Liverpool) a couple of good situations.

"We changed, a little bit, the style of play (since) we played against Norwich because that was not the best game for ourselves.

"After that, we realised we need to change, a little bit, our style.

"We’re more compact now. We’re trying to keep the ball when we have a chance to keep it."

The Slovakian stopper believes Bruce has picked up where Benitez left off last season in terms of intensity and positivity.

With discontent off the pitch and in the stands, Dubravka talked up the positivity inside the dressing room under Bruce.

He went onto say: "It is positive. There were so many positives, as well, before (under Benitez), I think.

Proud of his team-mates 

"As players, we can only do what we can do on the pitch. Put everything in.

"I can say that all of us are working to improve every day, every training.

"That’s all we can do. I have to say I’m still proud of my team-mates because they are trying to do their best."