Millwall vs Charlton Athletic: Live Stream and Score Updates
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18:08a year ago

Good evening

As the stadium empties, bar the Charlton fans, it is good evening from me.

Millwall take the victory 2-1 but in truth, a draw would have been a fair result as neither side took the game by the scruff of the neck.

Millwall's set-piece ability proved the ultimate difference but Bowyer will be disappointed his team couldn't hold in.

Rowett, on the other hand, will be over the moon. His side weathered the Charlton pressure and can be thankful for Wallace and Smith making the difference at the end.

23 years and counting now since Charlton last defeated Millwall.

VAVEL will have the full-match report and analysis for you soon.

Thank you for following along.

18:03a year ago

Man of the Match

Jed Wallace.

Millwall's talismanic number 7 will take the assist for the winner but was also the brightest spark and threat for Millwall throughout the game.

With pace, vision and creativity, Wallace was the pivot to every Millwall attack and his delivery was ultimately the difference in a victory Bowyer will find it particularly hard to take.

18:00a year ago
To rub salt in the wounds of Charlton, their fans have had to endure the Millwall celebrations as they will be held behind for 30 minutes after the final whistle.
17:59a year ago
A standing ovation by a capacity crowd here at the Den as the players continue to take in the applause.

An unlikely win in the end for Millwall but a win nonetheless.

Millwall and Rowett won't care how it happened.

17:57a year ago

Rocking all over the World

Lions are roaring across South East London tonight as they dance and sing for their victorious club.
17:56a year ago

Game over!

Millwall have done it!


A late Smith header wins it for the Lions.

17:55a year ago

Millwall fans are jubilant as the final whistle goes!

17:55a year ago

Seconds remain


Millwall have a free-kick on halfway as they look to finish the game off.

17:54a year ago

"You'll never beat Millwall" is the chant from the Millwall fans as Charlton's 23-year wait for victory against their London rivals looks to continue.

17:54a year ago

Millwall 2 - 1 Charlton


Smith stoops low to head in what must be the winner for Millwall from the resultant corner.

17:53a year ago



Millwall have done it!

17:53a year ago

Added time


There are 3 minutes of added time here as Millwall win a corner.

17:50a year ago

The game moves into the final minute of normal time.

Millwall look like the only side capable of winning this at the moment.

17:48a year ago

Double substitution: Millwall


Millwall make their final two substitutions as Smith and O'Brien replace Bradshaw and Thompson.

17:47a year ago



Millwall come forward again as Murray WallAce swings in a cross that is put behind for a corner. Again, nothing comes from the resultant corner but Millwall continue to give their fans hope of a winner.

17:46a year ago



Romeo does well down the Millwall right.

The ball is swung in but Phillips makes a comfortable catch.

17:45a year ago

Second substitution: Charlton


Leko is replaced by Lapslie for Charlton's second substitution of the game.

17:44a year ago

Mahoney does well down to left to bring the ball back inside to Molumby, who's strike from 20 yards wins a corner.

Nothing comes from the resultant corner.

17:42a year ago

Millwall have a throw-in deep in Charlton's half.

Romeo then does well to find space but only to win another throw-in. 

Millwall with a glimmer of hope here.

17:41a year ago

Last 10 minutes


Going into the last 10 minutes, the game continues to move end-to-end, but neither side is creating any real chances of note.

17:38a year ago

First substitution: Millwall


Millwall make the second change of the game and their first. 

Mahoney replaces Bodvarsson.

17:36a year ago

Gallagher continues to be the shining light for Charlton, carrying the ball with purpose and intent.

Unfortunately, he has just clattered into Shaun Williams and both seem to have felt that.

17:35a year ago

More stats


Charlton have managed 341 passes to Millwall's 225 so far but have been wasteful with their possession, accumulating only 6 shots to Millwall's 5.


17:34a year ago



Somewhat surprisingly, Charlton have dominated possession today with 61% over the course of the game, however have failed to regularly test the Millwall goalkeeper.

17:32a year ago

Millwall fans up in arms now as Bodvarsson is adjusted offside whilst in an attacking position for Millwall.

It was tight but Rowett has successfully managed to get his side to push further up the pitch and pressure Charlton's defence.

17:30a year ago

From the resultant Millwall corner, Cooper heads it just wide.

Millwall growing back into the game now.

17:30a year ago

Kayal has his first involvement of the game, acrobatically heading away the resultant free-kick for a corner.

17:29a year ago



Cullen fouls Ben Thompson 20 yards out and Millwall have an inviting free-kick just outside the Charlton box.

17:28a year ago

First substitution: Charlton


Brighton Hove & Albion loanee Kayal comes on in place of Pratley, who was largely a passenger today.

17:27a year ago

Bowyer is calling for his team to play down the right more and exploit Millwall's defensive left, where Murray Wallace is being brought in field by a dynamic Leko.

17:25a year ago

Charlton are findings lots of space now as Matthews is sprung free by a delightful cross-field ball from Gallagher.

Fortunately Matthews can't find anyone further up the field and Millwall get a goal-kick.

17:24a year ago

Grumblings of discontent amongst the Millwall faithful as the full-pitch press has become half-pitch and Bodvarsson shows a disregard for tracking back.

17:22a year ago

Rowett's rallying cry


Rowett screams for his side to push up in defence and condense the midfield, which they did so well in the first-half.

His Millwall side are currently sitting very deep in their own half.

17:21a year ago



Corner for Millwall.

Wallace whips it in from the left. It comes out to Thompson, who takes it on the volley.

Phillips dives to his left to keep out a fierce strike from Millwall's number 8.

17:20a year ago

Rowett and his assistant are deep in conversation as they contemplate how to breakdown the Charlton defence.

His side have created chances but are currently missing a clinical edge.

17:17a year ago

The wall of noise around the Den continues to build as Millwall continue to push forward.

Rowett is asking his men to continue to close down the time and space of Charlton players as the away side begins to show signs of dominance.

17:15a year ago

The rain begins to lash down at the Den as Lockyer shows composure in the Charlton 6 yard box to allow Phillips to gather a wasteful Millwall cross.

17:14a year ago

"No-one likes us" reverberates around the Den as Millwall look to take the lead again.

This time Bodvarsson looks to get on the end of a loose ball in the Charlton box but Phillips reacts quickest to gather the ball.

17:13a year ago


The goal amps up the volume inside the Den once more.

It is deafening as Millwall try to drown out the Charlton fans' celebration.

17:12a year ago

It's deserved for Charlton, who capitalise on a bouncing ball to smash the ball home. Leko is the goalscorer but any one of three or four Charlton players could have scored it. 1-1

17:11a year ago



Charlton equalise from the resulting corner!

17:11a year ago



Charlton nearly equalise as Gallagher gets on the end of a Matthews cross for Charlton Bialkowski tips the bouncing ball over the bar.

17:10a year ago



Gallagher picks up a loose Cooper clearance on the edge of the Millwall box and slices it over from 20 yards, much to the cheers of the Millwall fans behind the goal.

17:09a year ago

Millwall breakdown the attack before it gets going and the half quickly resumes its frantic pace.

17:08a year ago

Early free-kick for Millwall as Bradshaw goes down under pressed 40 yards out from the Charlton goal.

Cooper meets the resultant cross but Charlton deal with it comfortably and quickly strike a counter-attack.

17:06a year ago

2nd half


Both sides are out for the second half and Charlton kick-off, attacking the Cold Blow Lane End.

16:54a year ago

Half-time analysis

Millwall started the half in strong fashion, taking an early lead thanks to Hutchinson's clinical 6th minute header.

Charlton struggled for much of the half to get a foothold in the game, owing much to Rowett's full-pitch press and 3-man attack but Bowyer found a way.

Charlton grew into the game and will consider themselves ultimately unlucky to not be level, following chances to Bonne and Cullen. 

Millwall have Bialkowski to thank for leading at the break.

16:50a year ago


And that's the last action of a manic first-half here.

Millwall lead 1-0 at the break.

16:50a year ago

So close


Millwall failed to deal with the free-kick as Charlton go close to equalising.

Bonne hits a ferocious strike from 8 yards as Bialkowski tips it over the bar.

16:49a year ago

Added time


There is one added minutes to the end of the first-half as Charlton have a free-kick 45 yards out to the left of the Millwall goal.

16:48a year ago

Charlton go back on the attack as right-back Matthews swings in a box into the Millwall 6-yard box.

Fortunately for Millwall, no Charlton players gamble on the inch-perfect cross.

16:46a year ago



Millwall find a minute of relief and strike an attack.

A Bodvarsson cross flashes across the face of the Charlton goal, 1 yard out, but no-one is able to get on the end of it.

It has been a frantic half of football.

16:44a year ago

Charlton buoyed


Charlton continue to pile the pressure on now and deliver cross after cross in to the Millwall box.

Millwall will concede themselves lucky to still be ahead and Bialkowski even luckier to see the ball come back off the bar so he could palm it away.

16:42a year ago

No goal


Charlton fans celebrate, thinking the ball has crossed the line.

The referee checks his watch to see if the ball has crossed the line and waves play on.

16:42a year ago

Charlton goal?


Charlton look to have equalised as Bialkowski makes a mess of a timid Charlton strike. The ball rebounds off the ball as the Millwall keeper dives and goes agonisingly close to crossing the line.

16:41a year ago

Fluid football by Millwall as Thompson carries the ball 50 yards before feeding Romeo. Romeo plays an early ball to Wallace but Charlton clear the cross.

16:39a year ago

Phillips does brilliantly to come and catch the floating free-kick as Charlton look to counter-attack again.

16:39a year ago

Wallace is fouled by Sarr 40 yards out from the Charlton goal and Williams will swing in the free-kick.

16:38a year ago

Charlton fans are livid as they swing an inviting cross into the Millwall box. Gallagher looks to have got on the end of it but makes a foul in the process.

Charlton have grown into the game since falling behind and now boast 59% possession over the last 30 minutes.

16:36a year ago

Millwall corner


Millwall win an unlikely corner after a mix-up in the Charlton defence.

Unfortunately, a foul (push) by Cooper as the corner is taken relieves the pressure on Charlton.

16:34a year ago

Charlton striking frustrated poses and Bowyer does not look happy on the sidelines. 

Rowett, on the other hand, is far more animated, pushing his side on to attack and continue the full-pitch press.

16:32a year ago

Cullen whips in a 45-yard free-kick into the Millwall box but it isn't deep enough and easily dealt with by the towering Millwall centre-backs.

Charlton's 3-5-2 being brilliantly managed by Rowett's side so far, not allowing any space in the middle of the pitch and forcing Charlton to look back with every pass.

16:30a year ago


Millwall have spent 61% of this game in Charlton's final third so far.

Rowett will be hoping they can capitalise on this dominance.

16:29a year ago

Shaun Hutchinson is doing a great job so far in stopping Charlton attacks before they get going, ably supported by Cooper.

Charlton will have to be creative to find a way through this Millwall defence today.

16:27a year ago

Jed Wallace is now finding himself under a 2-man blockade every time he receives the ball.

Lee Bowyer has quickly reshuffled his pack as Charlton seek a way back into the game.

16:26a year ago



Finally a sense of control from Charlton as their fans raise the volume inside the Den.

Charlton keeping the ball at the back as they seek to stretch Millwall's attacking line and find gaps.

16:24a year ago



Charlton spring the counter-attack and nearly score from a tempting cross into the 6 yard box.

Bonne gets to the ball first but sees his header drift just wide.

First signs of Charlton showing real attacking intent.

16:23a year ago

Millwall corner


Millwall go straight up the other end and win a corner. 

Phillips punches it away under pressure and good work by Gallagher allows Charlton to come away with the ball and spring a counter-attack.

16:22a year ago

Charlton chance?


Charlton look to spring a counter-attack on Millwall as a long through-ball is played up to Bonne but he strays offside. Good chance for Charlton goes begging.

16:21a year ago



Finally some possession for Charlton as they spring more than 3 passes together, before a wasteful cross-field ball finds Bialkowski in the Millwall box.

16:19a year ago



Millwall have another penalty shout as Bradshaw goes down under Charlton pressure in the box.

It would have been soft but there was certainly contact. 

Charlton lucky to only be one-goal down so far.

16:18a year ago

Ben Thompson is finding the freedom of the park at the moment, carrying the ball forward with abandonment, unchallenged.

16:16a year ago

Millwall are on top

The Den responds in kind to the performance they are seeing from their side.

Millwall are playing with a front-3 at the moment, finding an abundance of space between the Charlton midfield and defence.

Phillips, in the Charlton goal, has been the busiest man of the pitch.

16:15a year ago

Shaun Williams has been the heart-beat of the Millwall side thus far with his high line.

Charlton have had no time to think, let alone pick a pass. Millwall are all over Charlton.

Lee Bowyer has some re-thinking to do.

16:14a year ago

Charlton's midfield 5 have all been on defensive duties so far as Millwall spring attack after attack.

16:13a year ago

Nearly 2-0


Millwall nearly grab a second as Charlton struggle to retain possession or deal with Millwall's full-pitch press.

It has been a vibrant start from Rowett's men as Romeo goes close from the edge of the box. It is tipped wide by Phillips.

16:10a year ago

Millwall 1 - 0 Charlton

Millwall had a free-kick on the right-side, 20 yards out.  Williams whips an inch-perfect cross and Shaun Hutchinson jumps highest, un-marked, centre of goal, and sends the ball passed a helpless Phillips.

The Den is bouncing.

16:09a year ago


Under 6 minutes gone and Millwall take the lead.
16:08a year ago


Millwall sending the ball into the Charlton box and Phillips in the Charlton goal is unable to deal with it.

The ball comes back out to Wallace on the edge of the box who fires it at goal. The ball appears to hit a Charlton arm but the Referee disagrees.

16:07a year ago

Both sets of fans taking turns in trying to establish their respective vocal dominance.

16:06a year ago

As expected, Charlton line-up with 3 at the back. Millwall in a flat 4. 

16:05a year ago


Millwall in their blue and white home kit are attacking the Cold Blow lane End in the first half. Charlton are in their Red home kit.
16:04a year ago
The speakers blaze out Millwall's famous 'Let 'em all come down to the Den' as both sets of fans welcome the sides.

We are moments away from kick-off.

15:52a year ago
A short ceremony of good faith and gratitude between Millwall and Charlton to commemorate the passing away of 'Our Jimmy' and thank both clubs for the work they are doing to combat crime and violence in South London.
15:51a year ago

10 minutes to go

The players have returned to the dressing rooms and the flags are out.

Around 10 minutes until kick-off as Millwall fans up the volume inside a packed Den. 

15:45a year ago

Charlton line-up

Charlton are playing a 3-5-2 formation today, with Purrington, Gallagher, Pratley, Cullen and Matthews looking to condense the midfield and feed Bonne and Leko in attack.
15:43a year ago

Under 20 minutes until kick-off

The Den is slowly filling up as the rain begins to fall, the sky darkens and the floodlights illuminate the pitch.

Charlton fans are already in good voice as both teams continue to warm-up.

15:41a year ago
Today's Millwall starting line-up set up in a 4-3-1-2 formation.

Most importantly, Jed Wallace and Tom Bradshaw link up again for Millwall as they seek to add to their 12 goals between them.

Bradshaw is supported in attack by Bödvarsson, with Jed Wallace sitting behind.
15:23a year ago

Jimmy's Day

Today is 'Jims Day' at the Den, an annual memorial for a young man who passed away in 2008 following an unprovoked attack the day after his 16th birthday.

A charity has since been set-up in Jimmy's name to work with young people around the consequences of violence.

Both sides will warm-up in 'Playing for Jimmy' t-shirts today.

15:13a year ago

Programme notes

Gary Rowett on what today's derby means to him and Millwall:

Derby matches are equally as exciting to play in and to manage as they are for fans and i'm sure the atmosphere inside a sell-out Den is going to be outstanding.

15:09a year ago

Under an hour until Kick-off

Around 50 minutes out from kick-off here at a sold-out Den.

Both sides are slowly coming out to warm-up on a cold and grey South-East London afternoon.



16:47a year ago

Team news

Rowett remains without midfielder Ryan Leonard (knee) and striker Tom Elliott (hamstring) tomorrow, whilst Goalkeeper Frank Fielding continues his recovery from a quad injury.


Lee Bowyer has several players out, including defender Lewis Page, midfielders Jake Forster-Caskey (hamstring), Sam Field and Jonny Williams (both knee) and forward Tomer Hemed. Charlton will assess forward Chuks Aneke before the game, who played for the under-23s this week following a spell on the sidelines with a groin problem.

16:47a year ago

Gary Rowett on the task at hand

Speaking to Sound London Press ahead of the game, Rowett is confident his side is showing signs of improvement,


“The first home game for us was a good experience for us in terms of the performance and the atmosphere… I can only imagine what a full and vibrant Den is going to feel like.


“Every game is such a learning experience for us in terms of how players handle situations, about what we need to do in certain games, what we need to do against certain opposition.


“It’s the third game, we want a performance slightly more akin to the first half against Stoke as opposed to the first half against Reading.


“That’s what we’ll be looking to do.”

16:45a year ago

Where will the goals come from?

Rowett and Millwall will be heavily reliant on Jed Wallace and Tom Bradshaw, who have scored 6 goals apiece, having only managed to manufacture an average 10.9 shots per game as a side, the fourth worst in the league and only marginally better than Charlton’s 9.4 shots per game.


Millwall have scored only 8 goals from open play so far this season, with an average of 3.7 shots on target per game, and will be hoping to capitalise on Charlton’s dismal disciplinary record, the third worst in the league, to build on their 4 goals from the penalty spot.

16:41a year ago


Charlton make the four-mile trip to The Den tomorrow 3 points off the EFL Championship play-off places but having only picked up only one point in the previous 3 games.


Millwall find themselves only 4 points off their South-East London rivals but 7 places back and will be looking to bounce back from their disappointing 2-1 defeat away to Reading last week.

16:41a year ago


History is on the side of the Lions. Millwall have not lost to Charlton since a 2-0 away defeat in 1996, with Charlton’s current manager, Lee Bowyer netting the opening goal for the Addicks with an overhead kick. Lewisham-born, Carl Leaburn headed in the winner that day and no Charlton player since has been able to say that since.
16:38a year ago

Hello and welcome

A sell-out crowd will greet Gary Rowett and Millwall tomorrow as The Den hosts it’s first South-East London derby since 2016, when the hosts defeated tomorrow’s opponent’s, Charlton Athletic 3-1.

Charlton will be looking for their first win over Millwall in 23 years and you can follow all the action live, as it happens, here, on VAVEL.