The Joe Hart dilemma
(Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

He does have his doubters, however, as his form has fallen off over the final years of the decade, having spells at Torino, West Ham and his current club, Burnley that have been less than successful.

His contract at Burnley ends at the end of the season and you will be hard-pressed to find a Burnley fan that is eager for the club to extend the contract and keep Hart at the club for longer. This fact hasn’t been helped by the goalkeeper’s attitude recently.


Nothing sums this up more than his recent comments on the BBC’s coverage of Liverpool’s away FA Cup fixture against Shrewsbury. Hart joined Gary Lineker and others in the studio and there was a moment when Lineker and Hart we’re discussing Liverpool’s second choice ‘keeper Adrian and Hart mentioned his own situation. 

Hart explained how his situation at Burnley was a lot different to Adrian’s due to his lack of game time, then proceeding to label himself ‘available’ in the summer so any clubs who were wanting to sign him can “come and get” him. This didn’t go down particularly well with Burnley supporters who felt that he is in no place to complain about his situation.


Burnley signed Joe Hart in the summer transfer window of 2018, following Nick Pope’s injury in their first Europa League qualifying game against Aberdeen. Hart was brought straight into the team and helped them into the third round of qualification, and would be the club’s number one until the return of Tom Heaton in the last game of 2018.

Hart had fallen out of favour with the fans at his previous clubs and it seemed like Burnley had handed him a lifeline, another shot at the Premier League before a certain move abroad to finish his career. This is the idea that annoyed Burnley fans more than anything else. Hart had shown that he didn’t value being at Burnley anymore, even though the experience that he could bring the younger Nick Pope and Bailey Peacock-Farrell would be invaluable.

The one thing that is irritating Burnley fans the most is the lack of respect for both the club and the fans, who have been disrespected on live television, in front of the nation. This means the general feeling among Burnley fans is that, now, Hart can go. He will not only free up wages, but also allow Peacock-Farrell to get experience on the bench in the Premier League, and the first spot should Pope get injured.

What do you think? Should Pope be allowed to say the things he did or should he face punishment from Dyche, who runs a tight ship and a tight-knit dressing room?